How to Beat Casino Slots: Cheats vs. Strategy


Whether you like it or not, there are always going to be some people in the world who would rather cheat their way to success rather than genuinely work for it, even if this means that the eventual success does not taste nearly as sweet. This is true in all walks of life, of course, however it can be a lot more prominent in things like sports competitions and gambling.

The gambling world has had to grow particularly accustomed to the attempted act of cheating, and this is the main reason why casinos around the world often have such extensive CCTV surveillance security systems. Cheating on things like casino slotspel used to be a lot easier, however there are still people in the world trying to do it. Of course, the best way to beat casino slots is through strategy rather than cheating, but some people just don’t learn. Read ahead for an article exploring how to beat casino slots: cheats vs. strategy. 

Cheat: The old coin on a string trick 

One of the oldest slots cheats in the book is a method that involves drilling a hole in the centre of a coin, and then subsequently threading a piece of string through this. Gamblers would then be able to trick the coin input mechanism in casino slots, and essentially have an unlimited bankroll. 

The bad news is that this cheat trick is pretty much impossible to make use of these days, because most modern slots will have intelligent coin feeder mechanisms that will not be fooled by a simple coin on a string. This is also because most of the modern slots have become digitalised making it harder for cheaters to cheat the system almost all the casinos even the no deposit bonus casinos are nearly impossible to fool with the coin trick as they are strictly online. However, there are some old slot machines knocking about in which it could work.

Strategy: Pick a slot with good RTP 

One of the best strategies for beating casino slots these days comes courtesy of an incredibly useful piece of information called RTP. This stands for Return To Player, and it is a percentage value given to tell gamblers what the average amount they can expect back from their stake will be on any given slot game. 

Now, do you really think you are likely to beat a casino slot with a rubbish RTP? It can happen, of course, but you are much more likely to win on a slot with an RTP of 96% or above, so aim for these when possible. 

Cheat: Try and hack your way into the RNG 

Modern casino slot cheaters have tried to hack their way into the complicated RNG software that governs where the reels will fall on all modern slots, however this is a very tricky business and can only realistically be tried by computer whizzes. 

Strategy: Bet in accordance with slot volatility 

Another great legitimate strategy for beating casino slots is simply to bet in accordance with slot volatility. Volatile slots require larger bets to access their larger prizes, for example, whilst less volatile  slots are better to bet small and frequently on as they pay out smaller prizes.

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