Enjoy Horse Racing Casino Games on Your Mobile


Conventionally, playing casino games on your mobile phone seemed like a pipe dream. Data connectivity and issues with the evolution of mobile phones held it back. Compared to gaming on laptops and PCs, mobile casinos were in their teething stage.

Today, the gaming industry has evolved with the increasing capability of handheld mobile devices. The screen resolutions and displays on modern mobile devices have paved the way for advanced graphics renderings, bringing to life modern mobile casino gaming.

The number of games you can play has become so diverse that horse racing casino games have already made their way onto mobile screens. In fact, today’s mobile gaming space might be more appealing to some demographics of gamers than land-based gaming.

Here are why mobile casinos are thriving and how you can enjoy horse racing on your mobile phone:

A Wider Variety of Games

A decade ago, you could have still managed to find a few mobile gambling titles, but not as many as today. For instance, you can play games like these at Intertops mobile casino:

  • Craps
  • Blackjack
  • Poker- Deuces Wild
  • Kenos Games
  • Scratch Cards
  • Poker- 3 Card
  • Poker- Jacks or Better
  • Baccarat
  • Vegas Slots, Video Slots, Progressive Slots, Classic Slots and more

Sure, some desktop sites might have a little more titles than mobile gaming platforms, though this will change in a few years. Online slots are the predominant offering in the mobile casino space. However, most companies have been working on diversifying this, with some even offering live mobile casino games.

The industry has also seen some of the biggest software providers boost its growth, such as Microgaming and NetEnt. Other than these software providers opening doors for partnerships with other casino companies, they have increased the user-friendliness of the mobile gaming platforms. They have been pushing for the release of the mobile version of online games, such as online baccarat, with some casinos working with them to release games exclusively on mobile.


The fact that internet connectivity wasn’t as strong as today made gambling on-the-go tough. Instead, people had to spare time to visit land-based casinos to play their favourite games. Other than depriving players of their time with family and friends, it came with the extra costs of transport fees as well as accommodation around the casinos.

Mobile gaming makes playing easier. As long as you have some free time, you can start playing with little hassle. The increasing strength of internet connectivity and the proliferation of 4G and 5G networks make gaming even more seamless.

You can roll the reels or roulette wheel while sitting in a bus, during a lunch break, or queuing for service. Instead of having to plan one long session for visiting land-based casinos, you can enjoy gambling in short bursts, which won’t affect your time with family and friends.

Easier Sign Up with Better Bonuses

Signing up to online casinos is as easy as finding the ideal casino, registering your information, linking a payment option, and verifying your account. Since most mobile casinos have apps on the different app stores, installing them on your phone is quick. Choosing between the different casinos is also easier through the reviews left behind by other players.

Even better, mobile casinos offer huge welcome and lifetime bonuses. The mobile casino space is quite competitive, with every casino trying to attract and retain more players on their platform.

Most casinos will offer free no deposit bonuses as a welcoming gift. As you keep on playing, you are likely to receive other daily, weekly, or monthly bonuses. Some also offer a loyalty program, which will earn you perks the higher you climb in the program.

Better Security

Due to the highly competitive nature of the mobile gaming space and the increasing levels of public scrutiny, mobile casinos have been beefing up their security practices. You won’t have to worry about credit card fraud. In fact, mobile casino leaders are known to leverage multi-level SSL data encryption to ensure the privacy of user data.

Playing Horse Racing Games on Mobile Casinos

Horse racing is one of the most overwhelming experiences for any gambler. Lucky for you, you no longer have to make your way to racetracks to enjoy it. Virtual horse racing has made its way onto your mobile screens.

Most casinos offer you the choice of either watching your virtual horses run through the tracks or picking a horse and getting instant results. While the former is an amazing option for thrill-seekers, the latter is ideal for anyone looking for instant gratification.

Virtual horse racing is run by random number generators, which are complex algorithm patterns that control the outcome of each race. This is the same unbiased technology that controls all mobile casino titles. Most virtual horse racing titles allow multiple betting options, from lay bets to straight bets.

It is no secret that the mobile gaming space is undergoing a revolution. Within no time, it will surpass all gaming platforms, and its convenience will continue to make it appealing. As more games like virtual horse racing and live casino games become the new normal, there is almost nothing to hold back the mobile gambling industry.

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