The Craziest Bets in Casinos


Before we dive right into a list of some of the craziest bets ever to be made in a casino – don’t try these at home and certainly not in a casino! You won’t believe some of these crazy bets as they truly do take betting to a whole new level! You can also check out King Casino guides to help your game!

Two suitcases  

Back in the 80s, a man named William Lee Bergstrom sauntered into a casino with two suitcases, one which contained $777,000 and the other had no cash inside. He walked up to the Craps table and placed the full $777k on a single bet – the Don’t Pass Line – and won! He filled the empty suitcase with his winnings, making it a crazy and memorable bet!  

A winning streak – one of the greatest in gambling history 

A gentleman named Archie Karas is one player who struck it lucky in a Las Vegas casino when he made a crazy bet which all started with $50. Fortunately for Karas, he was a professional poker player, but had not been so lucky and lost almost all he had in an LA poker game before making his way to Las Vegas to try and change his luck. Clutching at straws, Archie borrowed $10k from seemingly a very generous friend of his and before the night was through had enough to pay back his pal and had plenty more to carry on his lucky streak. Karas became a high-roller, playing poker and various other table games and turned his measly $50 into a staggering $40m!  

Betting your house in a game of roulette 

You might have heard some horror stories of players losing everything they own to gambling and some players have been known to bet huge sums of money and even property, only to lose it. In a mind-blowing scenario, one player named Ashley Revel bet almost all of his properties on roulette in Las Vegas. Considering roulette is a game of chance, this was a very risky move and Ashley had a 50/50 chance of doubling his money. He placed it all on black and then took the snap decision at the last minute to change the bet to red – and won! Scooping up double his money, the last-minute change of heart is probably one of the wisest decisions he’s ever made!  

Beginners luck for one seriously lucky Grandmother 

One of the craziest bets of all time was by a Grandmother who had never played Craps before but thought she would try her hand at the fast-paced dice game. It’s not an easy game to learn as you play and many players take years to perfect their game, but first-time player Patricia Demauro somehow managed to win 154 dice throws bets in a row in a casino in Atlantic City! Her final winnings are no known, but regardless of how much she won, 154 successful bets is an incredible and almost unbelievable feat. 

There are many more crazy casino bets, some which have been successful, but many more which have been unsuccessful – so while these bets are crazy, you may want to think twice about following in these players footsteps!

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