How to Tame an Unruly Horse


Anyone that has worked with horses knows that taming a wild or unruly horse is not easy. Horses, like most animals, are free-spirited and enjoy being out on their own. When you try to domesticate these majestic creatures, the first reaction will often be a form of aggression. 

Taming a horse is not like a mindless game that you play on your smartphone or 918Kiss; it is an art. If you approach the animal in a non-threatening manner, spend enough time with it, and show compassion, you can tame a horse. 

Here are our Top Three Tips on how you can tame the unruliest of horses: 

Tip 1: Earn the horse’s trust

Like any relationship, you need to form a relationship with the horse based on trust. By definition, a wild animal doesn’t experience a lot of interactions with humans. You need to start by spending time with it in its natural setting, giving it attention on the level it understands.

At first, the horse may be shy, timid, or on high alert. Just spend time being around it calmly and quietly. You can also show affection by petting it whenever the horse allows.

Once the horse is comfortable around you, you might be able to attach a lead rope and halter so that you can take it for walks. You will need to maintain trust and the newly formed relationship spending some time with the horse daily and establishing a positive atmosphere. 

The best approach is to use positive reinforcement, such as stroking the horse’s neck when it does something good or verbally praising it in a gentle tone. It is best not to exhibit any negative behaviour, like being loud or hitting the horse.

Tip 2: Discipline it

Once you have the horse’s trust, you must set boundaries to what type of behaviour is unwarranted. If you notice your horse behaving in an unruly way, address it immediately.

For example, if the horse decides to take you for a walk rather than the other way around, tug the lead rope while making eye contact. The horse will immediately know that this action is unwelcome.

When disciplining your horse, make sure you never get angry at it. Otherwise, it may respond with even more unruly behaviour.

Stay calm and positive, so the horse responds in the same manner. 

Tip 3: Let it roam free from time to time

Horses need freedom. Keeping it caged up and only taking it out when you choose may lead to the animal resenting you as its prison guard. Let the horse roam around on its own, within a closed field. It gives the impression of freedom within safe boundaries, letting the horse do as it pleases.

Don’t lose hope when dealing with unruly horses—taming a horse will always involve some trial and error. Remember, spending time with it, building trust, and staying calm is important. Horses feed off your behaviour, so the more positive you are, the easier it will be to tame it.