Introducing New Riders to Equestrian Sports


Horse riding is a fantastic way to enjoy some physical activity for individuals of all ages. While the sport may not be as mainstream as basketball, soccer, or even casino online games, it continues to gain popularity globally. 

At first glance, horse riding may not seem like too much exercise because the horse seems to be doing most of the work. However, once you are on the saddle, riding around in the fresh air, you realize how much of a workout it is, from ensuring you don’t fall off to controlling the horse. 

The activity provides horse riders with the following benefits:

Health Benefits

Like any other sport, there are numerous health benefits to horse riding. It is essentially a complete workout for your core and lower body for:

  • Stronger legs from applying pressure to the horse and ensuring you stay in the saddle
  • Improving your posture and balance (good posture is critical to staying on the saddle successfully)
  • Keeping you refreshed by taking your mind off the daily grind

Other Physical Benefits

Horse riding may not be as intense as jogging, cycling, or an hour of heavy lifting, but it does condition your muscles and burn plenty of calories. An hour-long session on the horse will help you burn the same calories as a 30-minute jog. Yes, you have to spend twice the amount of time to burn the same number of calories, but it is an activity that many find far more rewarding than jogging.

A beautiful bond forms with the horse, which makes it feel like you and the horse understand each other as you both enjoy some daily exercise.

The sport is also an excellent workout for your muscles. After your first ride, you will start to feel soreness in muscles you never knew existed. It is a great way to condition your arms, lower body, and back. 

Psychological Benefits

Horse riding gives you the chance to leave your home and relax outdoors. Being outside will help you feel refreshed, and bonding with the natural world from horseback is truly a special experience. 

It also gives you the chance to forget all your worries and concentrate on a single activity, serving as an excellent stress reliever. There is a feeling of accomplishment when you form a friendship with the horse, all of which contributes to your psychological well-being.

Safety Measures While Horse Riding

Horse riding is unpredictable and dangerous because it can be difficult to control a horse at times.

It is best to take the following safety measures into account when horse riding:

  • Always wear a helmet in case you fall off the horse
  • Wear your riding boots around the horse as the animal may easily step on you with their heavy hooves 
  • Wear gloves when handling a horse, handling the rope without gloves can lead to blisters and painful rope burns
  • Wear the right gear when riding (long trousers are best as shorts can result in bruises and rashes on your legs)

While there are numerous benefits to horse riding, it takes time for new riders to become accustomed to the horse and the sport. It takes time to form a bond with the horse and to hone your basic riding skills, so don’t give up too easily—the effort is well worth the rewards.

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