Just in time… our sun protection guide!


There’s nothing like the beautiful deep rich shine of a horses Summer coat!

In recent years there has been more discussion about how to shield our horses skin and coat from the harmful rays of the sun… Here are a few products that offer some protection from the sun, will help prevent fading, and  keep your horse’s coat happy & healthy.

1. Healthy HairCare’s Sunflower Suncoat SPF Sunflower Performance Formula

Contains Sunflower Extract that protects against both dangerous and damaging UV-A and UV-B sun rays. Sunflower Extract, a free radical scavenger, stops hair degradation in its tracks. Scientifically documented evidence proves superior effectiveness against sun damage and physical degradation from UV-A radiation. An additional select sun blocker adds extra protection from UV-B radiation. Healthy HairCare’s Sunflower Suncoat SPF maintains the natural, true color of coats, manes, and tails while repairing bleached burnt hair damaged from the sun’s ultra-violet spectrum and saving you time grooming. A quality blend of conditioners makes hair more manageable, and easier to detangle and comb. Comes in a ready-to-use 32 fl oz.spray bottle. Price: $17.95

Visit healthyhaircare.com  for more information.

2. Farnam’s Vetrolin Shine

A ready-to-use spray that adds a long-lasting, healthy sheen to your horse’s coat and keeps the mane and tail tangle free. Contains vitamin rich conditioners and PABA sunscreen to help prevent bleaching and offers protection from wind, weather, and sun. A trusted favorite, it repels stains, dust and dirt and contains the fresh herbal Vetrolin fragrance. MSRP: $17.95

Visit farnam.com for more information.

3. Mary’s Botanicals’ Equine Sunblock

Provides essential sun protection for your horse in a convenient stick form. Sunscreen is especially important for horses and ponies with white fur or coats and pink skin. This easy-to-apply solid stick formula is a blend of non-nano Zinc Oxide and Carrot Seed Essential Oil with SPF38 in a Beeswax base. The sunscreen ingredients are mixed with a blend of essential oils that help to repel flies. Mary’s Botanicals uses all natural ingredients that block UVA and UVB rays. Apply the equine sunblock before your horse is exposed to the sun and reapply as needed. The formula goes on white then dries clear. This safe, natural sunblock formula is also suitable for use on dogs and people! MSRP $14.99

For more information, or to check out other Mary’s botanical products, visit marystack.com

4. Cheval International’s  Misty Sunscreen

Cheval International offers a wide range of products to help condition and enhance the deep, rich shine of your horse’s coat. Misty Sunscreen is a re-hydrating sunscreen that protects, cools, and moisturizes your horse on hot, sunny days. Retail price: $19.95

For more information about  this product and other coat enhancing products visit chevalinternational.com

5. Absorbine’s Santa Fe™ Coat Conditioner  & Sunscreen

A slip-free coat conditioner specially formulated by hair care professionals with Vitamin E and silk proteins to revitalize the coat, mane, and tail. Relied on by top grooms, Santa Fe™ provides the ultimate in deep conditioning with the added bonus of fade protection. Performance horse owners appreciate the soft, slip-free and tangle-free results.  32 fl oz. trigger spray bottle. MSRP: $18.00

For more information and to find a retailer visit absorbine.com

6. Kinetic Vet’s Equishield SB (Sun Block)

Uses a specialized SPF 30 formula for horses that addresses sun burn on white unpigmented skin as well as other issues associated with equine skin damage. Secondary dermatitis, skin irritation, aggravation from flies… Equishield SB’s formula includes Zinc Oxide to help prevent sunburn, Aloe Vera to sooth irritated skin, Chlorhexadine for dermatitis, and Citronella which acts as an insect repellent. An innovative product that covers all the bases, Kinetic Vet’s Equishield SB is available through your veterinarian.

Find Equishield SB at kineticvet.com

7. Exhibitor’s Quic Black ‘No Fade Black’ Shampoo

Summer sun can make your dark horse fade quickly! If you have this problem, you’ll want to protect those deep rich hues from sun exposure so your horse’s coat color will always look rich and elegant… Exhibitor’s Quic Black Shampoo does just the trick!

Comes in 2 sizes: 16 fl oz (MSRP: $14.99 and 64 fl oz (MSRP: $37.99) 

Available on amazon.com