Gabriela Reutter and EquiCrown Partnership Delivers Royal Results for Lumiere’s FEI Horses

Gabriela Reutter and Lumiere Horses' Atticus Diamant (Photo courtesy of Jaqueline Porcaro)

Traverse City, MI (August 4, 2020) – Fresh legs for every ride: the dream of every sport horse enthusiast & competitor, especially those who have dealt with tendon or soft tissue issues. With EquiCrown on their team, international Grand Prix rider Gabriela Reutter’s FEI horses have another tool in their arsenal to fight heat, swelling, and discomfort from the rigors of competition and the quest for fresh legs. Equicrown’s unique compression wraps and custom medical compression bandages are used as both a preventative measure and as therapy for rehabilitation, and Reutter has made them a staple in her barn regimen for over a year.

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Gaby and Marahees Rock competing at the Great Lakes Equestrian Festival this week
Atticus Diamant in his EquiCrown compression wraps

In 2019 and 2020, Reutter hit many milestones, from Grand Prix debuts for some of her horses to top placings in CSI 3 and 4 star events. Reutter, who is based in Wellington, Florida in the winter and New Jersey in the summer, recently began showing again following the COVID-19 outbreak at the end of March. Her two horses, Atticus Diamant and Marahees Rock, both compete at the FEI level, and she rides under the tutelage of Olympic Gold and Silver Medalist Chris Kappler. Her barn, brand, and training stable, Lumiere Horses, uses EquiCrown regularly to prevent and treat any potential issues.

EquiCrown®’s unique equine compression wraps, and custom medical compression bandages are designed for a perfect anatomical fit and precisely defined compression from the hoof up. The compression and massage effect on the horse’s legs stimulate faster drainage of lymphatic fluid and removal of unwanted toxins, contributing to maintaining healthy horse legs and a faster recovery of leg injuries through healthy rehabilitation.

“We are always trying to stay one step ahead of any issues with soundness, soft tissue inflammation, or tendon discomfort,” said Reutter. “It’s part of the game when you start jumping the big courses, and EquiCrown has been instrumental in keeping both horses at the top of their game. Rocky (Marahees Rock) gets them after every class and after our training sessions. Monty (Atticus Diamant) used to need regular treatments to help with arthritis in his knees, but after an assessment by EquiCrown, we now only treat once or twice a year as the carpal wraps have made that much of a difference.”

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Gaby & Marahees Rock

Ruetter’s passion for equestrian sport began at a young age, and has since taken her to the upper echelons of show jumping. Combining talent, horsemanship, and dedication to her dreams, she rides with the aspiration of representing Chile at the pinnacle of show jumping sport. Born in Santiago, Chile, Gaby began riding at only four years old. At 17, she moved to the United States to pursue a professional show jumping career. Since 2014, she has ridden under the guidance of Olympic Gold and Silver Medalist Chris Kappler, and is completing her undergraduate degree in Economics and Business Studies at NYU.

To date, Gaby has multiple top finishes in international FEI classes, from the U25 Grand Prix divisions to victory in an FEI 4-star event. She currently campaigns her two show jumpers, Atticus Diamant (aka Monty) and Maharees Rock (aka Rocky), at the FEI level. Both had excellent results during WEF 2020, and you can read more about Gaby’s horses here. Her international equestrian CV also includes Spruce Meadows, The Hampton Classic, and several junior/young rider South American Games. In 2018, Reutter received her certificate of capability for the Pan American Games following a top 3 finish in the FEI 3-star 1.50M Captive One Classic.

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