An Equine “Interview” – 5 Strides with Mavis Spencer’s Con Calle

Captured Moment Photography

An “interview” with the jumper and recent Grand Prix winner (via his rider, Mavis Spencer!)

The 11-year-old bay Holsteiner, who goes by Calvin at the barn, won the $25,000 Jet Pets Grand Prix at the Temecula Valley National Summer Series on July 3. TPH caught up with him shortly after the win.

1.  What’s your favorite thing to do  in the show ring?

I absolutely love showing and am very competitive! My mom is also very competitive and when she lands from the first jump in a speed class or jump off and legs me forward,  I like to throw out a big buck before taking off to the next jump!

2.  If you could eat any human food,  what would it be?

I love apples, carrots, and watermelon, but I am not  super picky and will try anything! My mom and her  friend Chelsea come down in the evening to check on us and they always give us lots of cookies before they head back to the house. I really look forward to that. I think I would really enjoy cupcakes though! I saw them eating a bunch during my mom’s birthday and they looked yummy, especially the frosting.

Captured Moment Photography

3.  What do you like to do when  you’re not training or showing?

As much as I love horse showing, the farm I live at is very nice and I enjoy going out in my big grass paddock or going for a gallop around the track and hacking on the grass field. My mom doesn’t ride me in the ring very much at home and I love going for walks around the property and checking on the foals next door. They are so cute and feisty, I wish I could play with them!

4.  How did you feel during your recent  Grand Prix jump off?

I was a little tired at the end of the first round, but after getting a nice cool bath and a little break back at the stalls, I was ready to go. It was my first bigger class with my mom and I really wanted to take care of her, but also win! I was so excited when I realized we were going for it and even more excited when they came and put the cooler and blue ribbon on! Everyone was laughing and so happy and that made me feel really great.

5.  What’s the best reward your people  could give you after a job well done?

When I got back to the show stalls after the class, everyone gave me lots of cookies and kisses, and I got a treatment from my Bemer blanket, which is my favorite. My grooms JJ and Leo poulticed my legs and packed my feet. My mom drove me and a few of my friends home that night—sleeping in my own stall then spending the whole next day in the paddock was so nice!