CPHA Medal Finals Results

Charlotte Murray and Constantinos. Photo © McCool Photography

August 15, 2020 – San Juan Capistrano, CA – The two-day, three-round 2020 California Professional Horsemen’s Association (CPHA) Junior and Amateur Hunt Seat Medal Finals, held on the beautiful Ortega Field this year at the Rancho Mission Viejo Riding Park, welcomed 56 juniors, 20 amateurs, and a supportive group of fans via the live stream services available online. Congratulations goes to Charlotte Murray, trained by Jeni Brown, who topped the field in the junior division. Jaime Krupnick Geffen, trained by Archie Cox, took home the Amateur division honors.

Jaime Krupnick Geffen and Conux. Photo © McCool Photography

This week’s panel of judges, William Sparks, Sue Lightener, and Bobbie Reber, sat in different spots around the field. In each round, the riders received a total of the three judges’ scores. Designed and set by the experienced and accomplished medal finals course designer, Michael Roy Curtis, Friday’s first round was inviting with bending lines set across the field, as well as a few opportunities for inside turns. The second round, held on Saturday afternoon, was a tidier track with additional opportunities for inside turns. The final round of top ten scoring riders utilized the same layout of jumps with a different track.

Charlotte Murray and Constantinos. Photo © McCool Photography

Charlotte Murray and Constantinos Edge Out the Competition

The leaders coming into the final round of competition in the Junior Finals were Emma Raith and Charlotte Murray. Both riders had beautiful third rounds. Murray scored 3.5 points higher to take the win and avoid an additional work-off round. The specifications state that any rider within three points of the top score calls for a work-off.

This was the first win for Murray and her partner, “Tinos,” as the pair was just recently brought together. “I am so grateful to be leasing him from Georgy Maskery-Segesmen for the rest of the year until I age out. I recently was partnered with him about a month ago and I have had the best experience – he is one in a million.”

Murray is looking to stay consistent throughout the rest of her medal finals season and indoors, while moving up in the jumper ring. “I thought it was a very fun experience to have the finals on the Ortega Field instead of the indoor this year. The track was difficult, which kept the class interesting and challenging.” 

As the 2020 CPHA Medal Final Champion, Murray was awarded a medal and flowers, while Constantinos was donned in a championship ribbon, sash, and cooler sponsored by DaMoor’s Tack & Feed. Glynn also took home a CWD Bridle gift certificate, Antares helmet, a pair of DeNiro Salento boots from Outdoor Outfitters, and CPHA collectibles, including a jeweled belt buckle, a vest, and a plaque. Along with receiving a gorgeous pewter tray, her name will also be placed on the perpetual trophy, sponsored by Far West Farms.

Jaime Krupnick Geffen and Conux. Photo © McCool Photography

Jaime Krupnick Geffen and Conux Lead the 2020 CPHA Amateur Medal Final

Krupnick Geffen and Conux continued their successful ways in the equitation ring, taking top honors in the CPHA Amateur Medal Final. “Conux is my horse of a lifetime and true partner. I even sometimes refer to him as my ‘patronus.’ Personally, he always brings a smile to my face and I feel so lucky to have him. I’m pretty lucky that I got a second chance as an amateur to have my second horse of a lifetime, following in my junior horse, Central Park’s footsteps.”

Krupnick Geffen rode the first round beautifully to a combined score of 254 points and the lead. In the second round she earned a combined score of 232.5, putting her into second place overall going into round three. In the third round, she received a 224-combined score, which secured the win, with an overall total of 710.5 points.

When asked about the change of scenery for this year’s final, Krupnick Geffen noted, “Being out on the grass this year made it absolutely a different final, but was challenging none the less. Personally, at home I ride in a smaller ring and the indoor is much more familiar than a big open field. Making adjustments and riding forward and straight were things I was focusing on in all the rounds. Archie, Karli, and I walked the third round a few times to make sure I had my plan in place and I was ready for action.” 

The champion won a pair of DeNiro Salento boots from Outdoor Outfitters, a medal, a pewter tray, a stall plaque, and a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Conux was equally decorated with his championship gear, including a ribbon, sash, and wool cooler sponsored by DaMoor’s Tack & Feed. Krupnick Geffen’s name will appear on the perpetual trophy for her division, sponsored by DiAnn Langer. 

The top three finalists in each division received coolers, leather halters from Valencia Sport Saddlery, medals, and CPHA embroidered bags. All of the top ten finishers took home great prizes, including CPHA hats, CPHA silver and jeweled buckles, gorgeous ribbons, and bouquets of flowers.

Krupnick Geffen was grateful and overjoyed with this weekend’s results, “The CPHA Finals were such a treat, as usual. They always do a top-notch job with the finals, the awards, and their support for all the riders. Thank you to Archie and Karli for their continued support – I’m so lucky to ride with the best team. Thank you to Blenheim and CPHA for this beautiful and safe horse show during this time. We are so lucky to get to do this, and I don’t take a moment of it for granted.”

All photos: McCool Photography

Junior Finals
Placing – Entry Number – Rider – Horse – Trainer – Total
484 – Charlotte Murray – Constantinos – Jeni Brown – 760
908 – Emma Raith – Novello – Lee Flick – 756.5
983 – Kennedy Duke – Diatoon – Tasha Visokay – 731.5
700 – Katalina Rickard – Lost in Blue – Kate Considine – 729
397 – Emma Borders – Chapot Z – Alec Lawler – 729
330 – Juliet Joseph – Casiro – Robyn Stiegler – 724.25
461 – Isabella Holway – HD Washington – Emily Esau Williams – 711.5
364 – Rylee Shufelt – Quintano – Michael Dennehy – 704.75
142 – Julia Nickl – Zurich – James Hagman – 702.25
684 – Amber Calvert-Jones – Mr. Fox – Jeni Brown – 671.5

Amateur Finals
Placing – Entry Number – Rider – Horse – Trainer – Total
506 – Jaime Krupnick Geffen – Conux – Archie Cox – 710.5
731 – Kaitlin Perry – Figaro – Kelly Van Vleck – 697.5
340 – Kathy Nolan – Just Because – Kelly Van Vleck – 696
188 – Holli Kolkey – Mr. Worldwide – Ned Glynn – 686
265 – Kiera Hennigan – Acortair – Kelly Maddox – 684
508 – Emily Williams – Carlo – Archie Cox – 684
446 – Belle Calkin – Davinci’s Bella Forte – Archie Cox – 676
839 – Rollin Sykes – Canavarro – Nicole Husky – 670
686 – Emma Guevara – Cassano – Jeni Brown – 659
895 – Haylee Hall – Clearing – Tasha Visokay – 528.5