Tom Pierce and Joanne Pierce Take the Reins of StreamHorse TV

StreamHorse TV, an online platform for horse show livestreams, is now under new ownership by mother and Son power team, Joanne and Thomas Pierce. Since its creation in 2014, StreamHorse TV has been an easily accessible live streaming directory for hunter, jumper, and equitation events from all over the world. The 2021 season is picking up, but it still uncertain whether some classic races will allow the public back at the courses. Have a look at Royal Ascot here and you will see that the online part is proceeding, but there is a question mark on live attendance. This is why having a streaming horse platform available is even more important today.

Tom and Joanne plan to expand StreamHorse TV from being the premier platform for the hunters, jumpers, and equitation events across the globe to the premier platform for all disciplines internationally. “From rodeo, to polo, to racing, and more, StreamHorse TV will be the directory for any and all disciplines,” Tom Pierce shared, “We want to enhance the breadth and depth of StreamHorseTV to optimize the experience.” 

“When presented the opportunity, it was a no brainer for us. The idea that this was an established platform with great brand awareness and fantastic partnerships, it was hard to pass it up,” said Tom. “ Just understanding the world of media now and content digestion, especially during quarantine and the Coronavirus, full members of the team can’t be there that would normally be at a competition or people might not be able to travel so the future of streaming can really compensate for the times.” 

In addition to there being a livestream directory, StreamHorse TV is also a hub for educational videos and information. “The educational corner is ripe for blossoming and we have a substantial vision for. It is important to provide resources for people who want to learn more but might not have the time or money to go to a barn or they want to learn more when they are home from the barn,” Joanne and Tom shared. 

“I love the idea of having everything in one place,” said Joanne, “Growing up it was rare to find equine sports on television so it is exciting to be on this adventure with StreamHorse TV and providing a channel for people to watch and learn about the equine industry.” 

Tom and Joanne plan to build up the replay directory by going back a few years and pulling the best competitions from every discipline to feature on the site. 

Joanne has always loved horses “I think it’s in the blood,” she shared. She began taking lessons as a young girl for $1 from her friend but eventually stopped riding when she went to school and focused on art. For her 40th birthday she gifted herself riding lessons and got back into the horse world. When Tom was seven, he asked to ride, and Joanne didn’t skip s a beat and found him beginner riding lessons immediately. As Tom got older, he got involved in other sports and ultimately stopped riding but still was involved in horses through his mom.

Six years ago, they put Joanne’s art on the internet, Instagram, and made a website for it. They partnered almost immediately with the EQUUS Foundation where Joanne’s philanthropic efforts started to blossom. Much of Joanne’s time and talent has been donated to organizations such as the EQUUS Foundation, Kentucky Equine Adoption Center, Kentucky Horse Park Foundation, The Real Rider Cup and many more.

Part of Joanne’s art ventures, Pierce the HeArt Lessons, which is a free art web series that promotes creativity, imagination, and teaches beginner drawing lessons, especially how to draw horses! Her lessons will be one of the many valuable resources in StreamHorseTV’s education corner.

“We are really excited, and it seemed like there was an added boom to go into StreamHorse TV with everything that is going on. More folks who are out of town, the state, or even the country will be able to access these great competitions,” they shared. 

About Tom and Joanne 

Tom Pierce is CEO of Bacon Lane Ventures. After nearly a decade as a Certified Financial Planner™ and trusted business advisor to multi-generational families and institutions, Tom left wealth management in 2019 to pursue his entrepreneurial aspirations – founding Bacon Lane Ventures alongside Pierce the HeArt Productions and Anthology Corp – a platform which aims to streamline and strengthen the photography industry in one superior experience. Aside from providing full scope business development and investor services, Tom is also Manager to Equine Artist Joanne Y. Pierce – his incredibly talented mother. Together, Tom and Joanne produce Pierce the HeArt Lessons, an art lesson web series and institution starring Joanne at the helm.  

Since she was a small child, Joanne has ridden, dreamed about, and drawn horses, which has always been her favorite subject. Joanne majored in Art Education at the State University of New York at New Paltz and has worked as an art teacher at private and public institutions throughout Long Island. With great honor, Joanne illustrated Mint’s Christmas Message, a story written by her sister Mary Yaiullo Spitz. A beautiful sermon by Mary’s father-in-law has been exquisitely crafted into a critically acclaimed children’s book, visualized through Joanne’s beautiful illustrations. Aside from propelling her talent and lifetime of art education by way of Pierce the HeArt Lessons, one of the greatest pleasures in Joanne’s life is to donate her time and art for the promotion of horsemanship, equine rescue, and therapeutic riding programs.