Bet in the Kentucky Derby: The New Normal In Horse Racing


With the increasing awareness of the health effects, the current coronavirus pandemic has brought us, and it just paved more way for the new normal to take place in our daily lives. That even the sports industry has to make consideration before they return to the game scene. Fortunately, horse racing events started to get back to their feet and already stabilize their return with few slight adjustments.

But what’s more important is that the fun and the enjoyment of horse racing won’t stop even with all the physical distancing and stay at home protocols. The excitement continues even though audiences and fans are on their couch. Thanks to the existence of online betting, the new normal in horse race betting won’t be a major change for the fans.

Now, let us look at how online horse race betting becomes an advantage and what benefits every horse racing fan can get, especially now that we are in the middle of an ongoing pandemic.

Watch And Bet The Kentucky Derby At Home

The thrill of being on the racetracks and cheering along with the roaring crowd during a race day gives an elating feeling for every horse racing fan, but unfortunately, that would be wishful thinking for now. With all the adjustments and changes, the horse racing association needs to handle, having a crowd is not one of them.

Especially now, the Triple Crown Series is about to take place, and the Kentucky Derby to be the first leg to commence, every fan is excited to be watching on the sideways.

However, it can’t be done, and the Kentucky Derby will be raced on September 5 with a silent crowd. However, it won’t stop any horse racing fans from getting excited for that most-awaited race day. Everyone can watch the race over the internet through different streaming platform media and even place their bets at different online kentucky derby betting sites.

At the end of the day, it’s still a win-win situation for everyone. For the horse racing association to successfully restart the horse racing event and for every fan who wants to watch, enjoy, and bet on their favorite and winning horses. Most importantly is that everyone is safe from contracting the deadly virus.

Advantages Of Online Betting

The comfort and the convenience at home while enjoying a race day is incomparable to the thrill and the fun of being at the actual crowd yourself. It is exceptionally true for most horse racing fans who have been actively attending race day. But it is also undeniable that online betting offered significant advantages that anyone can agree with.

Aside from comfort and convenience, they are several advantages of online betting you can enjoy, and here are some of them.

Bonuses and Rewards

You might have already noticed this, and maybe this is one of the reasons you keep on placing bets on that specific betting site, the rewards, and the bonuses. Rewards are often cash that is directly deposited to your account for you to use to wager again.

At the same time, bonuses are sometimes sign-up bonuses that give you free money to place a bet as a new member. Betting on off-track betting (OTB) doesn’t give you this. Plus, you need to travel to OTBs and bookmakers to place your bet.

Odds Comparison

This is something that every bettor should be well-knowledgeable at, and knows how to check better odds comparison. To win bigger prizes, you need to be smart and make wise decisions before placing a bet. And one way to be good at it is you know how to compare odds.

Fortunately, it became more accessible with online betting as odds comparison can be made with few taps. With a few visits to other betting sites and see their odds results, you can quickly come up with a decision on which horse and what type of wager you will play.

Time Flexibility

This is one thing that betting on racetracks doesn’t offer- the chance for you to bet at the last minute and look at various toteboard before finalizing your decision. With online betting, you can watch numerous toteboard and place a bet on where you think you can definitely win most of the money. This is a great advantage, especially for those bettors who are really into cashing in and winning big.

Unlimited Sportsbook Availability

One thing that makes online betting an excellent platform for every horse racing fan is that there is an unlimited sportsbook you can place your bet on. And that means you have a high chance of winning either one of them or luckily, win all of them.

Also, there is a trusted, safe sportsbook and already earned recognition from the different racing associations for being a trustworthy site. That means bettors are provided with an assurance that their every transaction is secured and their money is safe.


Even in the middle of the pandemic, people are still looking for that little sense of normalcy and trying to live life as normally as possible. Good thing, the horse racing industry brings a significant portion of it, and thanks for the technology for being an excellent method for everyone to keep up even if we are operating in a new normal. Everyone can now witness the horse racing industry’s return, and fans can still even place bets just like they used to before the pandemic. But with a few little changes yet the same thrill, fun, and excitement in watching the horses run and winning the pool prizes.

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