Ode to My Pony


Ryder Richardson on his pony jumper, RR Cool Play (“Becks”)

Dear Becks,

I want to thank you for being the best pony in the whole world. You have been my steadfast partner in all things. You have taught me how to be brave, how to have patience, how to persevere, and how to keep going. You have been my teacher, my leader, and my very best friend.

You have been with me on some of my very best days and also some of the worst of days of my life. All of the kisses and licks you give me always cheer me up. Your neck, which holds me tight when I don’t feel worthy, makes me feel safe. Your love has shown me what loyalty and acceptance feels like. Your whinny when I call your name makes me feel loved.

Also, I am so proud of you, my wonder pony, for always trying new things and sticking by me on some of our crazy adventures. I love your silly personality and for being one of the most athletic and brave animals that I have ever sat on. I love your warrior attitude and how you become a mini Grand Prix horse at the gate. You are equally at home playing in a field or beating some of the best horses in the country in the jumper ring.

You are the best teammate, motivator, and being in the entire universe. Thank you for trying so hard for me. I will never forget the lessons and love you have given me and I know that in the future you will teach my children. Becks, you will always own my heart.

You ARE my pony of a lifetime. I love you more than anything in the world.

~ Ryder

Originally from the August 2020 issue.