The Best Places for Horse Studies

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Although many educational institutions provide programs in animal science, only a few of them can be regarded as the best equine or horse schools. In this article, we will discuss the three main colleges in the United States that offer bachelor’s degrees in equine studies.

Since horses play a vital role in society, colleges and universities have come up with a system that educates students about the animal species. These schools are accredited and provide the most valuable horse study programs, which incorporate horse management, horse science, and other specifications that are essential for preparing some to be an expert in dealing with horses. 

3 Top Universities Offering Horse Management Programs

Horse studies include mastering skills in animal management, breeding, genetics, healthcare, and nutrition of horses, including learning how to manage a hot horse. This form of study is available in a program known as ‘Equine education.’ With this form of learning, students are exposed to different equestrian groups and educators who prepare them to be professional horse managers. Anyway, where can one get the best training for equine management services? Continue reading to find out the best place for that. 

  • The Sweet Briar Institute 

In the southern United States, the Sweet Briar College was founded as a liberal art school for girls. The horse academic institution has been ranked 10th by the Horse Schools website for offering quality equine education. Sweet Briar provides learners with hunting and jumping education, which are essential in competitions at the dressage. However, the school offers certificate studies, and students are allowed to major in horse teaching and management. 

Briar also allows learners to become assistance educators for their riding classes. So, if you can manage your classes without a problem, consider being a teacher in this school. Since you will be combining work and studies, you might lack time to complete your assignment. If this happens to you, don’t worry, since you can send a ‘write my essay’ request to a professional writing service for an expert writer to assist you. The experts are available and will provide a custom solution that has been written from scratch. 

  • The Black Hawk College

In Illinois, the Black Hawk School is famous for its horse education. The college is ranked 5th by the Horse Schools website for offering affordable equine studies. The Hawk school provides an associate’s degree in horse science and management. The academic institution allows learners to learn the best animal skills while still pursuing their programs. Apart from that, learners are also taught how to establish and manage an equestrian center. 

  • The University of New Hampshire 

Ranked 4th by the Horse Schools website, the New Hampshire school is one of the best schools for equine studies. The academic institution offers bachelor’s and associate’s degrees in horse management, including certification in therapeutic riding and animal management. Apart from providing degrees, the school allows learners to go for a Master’s degree in animal science with areas of specialization in either animal management or business management. 

With the qualified team of equestrians, learners are encouraged to go for international horse completions at the Global Dressage Organization and the Global Equine Show Association. The neighboring college of Penn State, which is listed by the Horse Schools website as number twenty, is also a right school for horse studies. The institution allows students to be minor in horse studies, which critically deals with horse breeding, genetics, and management. In this school, completion at the organization of dressage is also encouraged. 

Get Quality Horse Management Training from a Good School

 There are a lot of academic institutions with expert equestrian groups that compete in international horse completions. With this ability to attend major sporting events, these colleges can provide job training for other experts seeking to advance their equestrian expertise to becoming the best in the sporting activity. So, search for the best equine school to get the best studies about horses.

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