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September 23, 2020 

Mexico’s top eventer Daniela Moguel has teamed up with Science Supplements USA to provide her 5-Star horses with the researched, proven, trusted results of the Science Supplements brand.  Real athletes need real science, and Daniela knows her horses deserve only the best.  

With clinical trials, published peer-reviewed findings, and ingredients carefully chosen for the efficacy, quality, bioavailability, and synergistic results, Science Supplements is proud to support Daniela and her remarkable horses with supplements that she can trust.  Eventers are true examples of the impressive possibilities of a horse’s athleticism, and these amazing animals deserve inclusive support to excel in every arena.  The Science Supplements range of products and team of equine nutritionists, PhD’s, and equine veterinarians are ready to help Daniela meet each horse’s needs through scientifically proven ingredients and comprehensive combinations – all with her horses’ health in mind.  

Every horse deserves the quality that Science Supplements offers, which is why we will work with any client – from the back yard to the international stable – to find the right product for your horse.  And everyone deserves to know what ingredients we use, the active levels of our components, and the clinical trials behind the products, which is why our packaging and website have full transparency of our products’ information – so you can see the facts behind the Science Supplements difference.  View our full line of products and learn more about our company and staff at and visit our Facebook page Science Supplements – USA to see current research and equine news.  For nutrition questions, call our Toll Free Nutrition Hotline at (844) SCI-SUPP (844-724-7877) or email our Head of Nutrition at

About Daniela

Daniela Moguel is the first 5-Star level eventing rider to represent Mexico, including riding in the 2018 FEI World Equestrian Games and the 2015 Pan American Games.  She resides just outside of Tryon, NC where she rides, trains, and gives lessons, and often competes at Tryon International Equestrian Center.  Daniela also gives clinics throughout the US, including an upcoming clinic Oct 10-11 in Campobello, SC.  Her long-time mount is a 17-year old bay mare named Cecilia.  See more about Daniela and follow her Science Supplements journey at

About Science Supplements USA

Science Supplements launched its first North America location in 2020 with offices in Greenville SC. This location will offer the same high quality, trusted products produced under the strictest safety and purity guidelines previously only available overseas, as well as offering equine nutrition and management advice at no charge.  Our history of high standards started in 2003 when our founder Dr. David Marlin – a globally regarded leader for equine physiology – saw the need for research based, high standard formulation of equine supplements.  Science Supplements has now grown to an internationally respected company with platforms in 6 countries.  Ingredients are vetted for quality and purity, quantities are backed by clinical trials and proven outcomes, and products are designed for synergy and palatability – all to create truly effective results.  We are so proud to bring a researched, proven, and trusted product line to North America that delivers a wide-range of equine health and performance results.  


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