From the Ground Up: 5 Benefits of the SoftBed Comfort Stall Mattress

Your horse’s health and comfort starts from the ground up. And, for horses that spend a large amount of time indoors, the stall is the best place to start. Particularly for performance horses and those suffering from a variety of ailments, the orthopedic-padded SoftBed Comfort stall mattress provides an array of benefits—to both equines and their owners. Following, let’s take a look at the top five: 

1. No Installation Required

While other orthopedic stall floorings require installation, the SoftBed Comfort mat is easy for horse owners or barn managers to lay down themselves. It is simply placed in the middle of the stall with some added shavings around it! Should you ever move your horse to a different barn, or when going to horse shows, you will be able to take the SoftBed Comfort mattress with you.

2. Exceptional Joint Support and Overall Musculoskeletal Wellbeing

With the use of the SoftBed Comfort, owners of performance horses report that hock sores are gone within days and wind puffs are greatly reduced. They cause less strain on hips, decrease hock scuffing, and ease the pain of horses with chronic laminitis and are widely used at Equine Podiatry Centers.

The filling of the SoftBed Comfort provides just the right balance between softness and stability to ease any pain derived from founder or arthritic joint pain. And, the softness of the mat encourages the horses to lie down and rest more.

3. Improved Air Quality

According to some equine internal medicine experts, up to 80% of stabled horses develop airway inflammation. This can be due to a number of reasons, but ammonia and dust build-up in the stall play a big impact on air quality—and can affect people as well.

Unlike regular rubber stall mats, the material of the SoftBed Comfort does not absorb any bacteria from urine and will remain clean and odorless—it does not take on the urine ammonia smell.

Additionally, one SoftBed is the equivalent to 4-6 inches of shavings, which means much less bedding is necessary. A properly cleaned stall will not be impacted by dust build-up, further protecting the horse’s respiratory system.

4. Injury Prevention 

Many stall bases and bedding materials are easily moved around by the horse, and therefore leave the stall surface uneven—and in some instances, with holes and dips that can pose a hazard to the horse. With a properly maintained SoftBed mattress, the stall floor stays consistently level and can protect your horse from potential injury.

5. Enhanced Traction

Some stall bases, like concrete and wooden floors, can be slippery for horses and people alike. But, because of their slightly-textured, rubber exterior, a SoftBed Comfort mattress offers slip-resistance in the stall. This will help reduce the risk of slips, falls, and injuries to your horse—and you. 

Not just for stalls!

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