Some CBD Pet Products Don’t Actually Have CBD

There are all kinds of CBD products available online these days, from CBD isolates and capsules to CBD pet products. While the idea of Purekana CBD for pets might seem like a strange one for most people, being able to give your pets some CBD to help them with their issues can be of great help to them.

However, for those looking to help their pets with some CBD, you might start to run into a bit of a problem. While the CBD industry is undoubtedly one of the USA’s larger growing industries today, there are still plenty of issues concerning the actual CBD content of many products.

This is especially true for CBD pet products because there is less oversight and fewer efficacy checks on products that aren’t used by humans.

But why are there any CBD products with no CBD at all? What’s going on in the world of CBD for pets?   

Why Are CBD Products Being Sold with No CBD?

While it would be nice to assume that CBD products only ever contain what they say they do, the fact is that you can’t be too trusting.

When there is money to be made, there are always people out there willing to break the rules. However, in the case of CBD, there aren’t any rules to begin with.

The federal government does not have any official rules or regulations surrounding the production and distribution of CBD. This is because of the federal government’s slightly cagey attitude towards anything even remotely related to cannabis.

In fact, CBD products are currently sold as if they were a food supplement, so they are governed entirely by the Food and Drug Administration. While FDA rules regarding the sale of any product under their jurisdiction require truthfulness on labeling, there is still plenty of opportunity for CBD retailers’ devious tactics.

This is why there has been such copious attention drawn recently to CBD products that do not contain any CBD whatsoever.

What is happening is that CBD products, especially CBD products for pets, are being advertised as if they contain CBD, but don’t contain any relevant cannabinoids at all. The reason why this seems to be occurring so much with CBD pet products is because of the fact that, once your pet takes it, you can’t tell if it has worked.

When a human takes CBD products that don’t contain CBD, it is pretty easy to tell if it is working or not. However, if you give some CBD for cats to your feline friend, they can’t exactly let you know that nothing is happening. It is a lot easier to get away with selling CBD pet products that don’t contain CBD. 

How can you avoid this? What can you do to ensure you never buy a fake CBD for pets product?

What Are the Common Things You Should Look out for?

The key things that you need to be looking out for when buying CBD products of any kind are ingredient labels, brand trustworthiness, and lab reports.

When you buy any kind of product, you should always be checking what the ingredient label actually says on the back. Regardless of what it is, the FDA requires that a complete ingredient list be freely available. If you find that the product you have picked up obscures, hides, or in any way doesn’t divulge what its ingredients are, you should probably put it down.

Furthermore, it would help if you made sure you are only shopping at reputable, trustworthy CBD brands when buying CBD for pets. This means shopping only at brands with a history of providing products that contain what they say they do.

There are a myriad of brands out there that are worth visiting, such as PureKana, but the critical quality is that they need to be well-known and well-trusted.

A big part of this trustworthiness comes from the lab reports that they hopefully provide. Independent, third-party lab reports allow consumers to be able to 100% guarantee what a CBD product contains.

You can get a detailed analysis of precisely what is inside the CBD product you are buying. This gives you comfort that you are buying the right thing and allows you to prepare and measure the precise dosage for your pets.

After all, how are you supposed to know what to give your pets if you don’t know how much CBD is actually in the product you want to give them? 

Final Thoughts on CBD Pet Products without CBD

The key thing is to always make sure that what you are buying is both trustworthy and incredibly clear on what it contains.

As long as you only shop at stores that provide you with this information, you should be fine when purchasing CBD for your pet.

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