Racinos – The Best of Casino and Racetrack Worlds


The gambling world is quite small—a lot of times, horse racing fans also enjoy a slot spinning session. Some are wizards at card games like poker and blackjack. For such players, racinos are the go-to spots throughout the world. A lot of punters enjoy visiting these establishments, whether to gamble or just enjoy a fun night out. However, even more, people don’t know what racinos are or exactly what goes on there. If you’re one such person, let’s fix that in a few minutes with this comprehensive racino guide.

We will also cover how online casinos perform when it comes to horse racing fixtures and slots. In particular new online casino sites that you can find here. The newer platforms tend to offer better odds, which is the most important factor when choosing where to play. Anyhow, without further ado, lets jump into it.

What Are Racinos?

Put simply, racinos are a combination of a casino and a racetrack. Most racinos only offer slot machines and other electronic casino games. However, some have started adding traditional table games like roulette, blackjack, and poker to their roster. It’s no secret that the horse racing industry has been declining for several years. The introduction of racinos has, however, helped attract a fresh wave of punters with the introduction of casino games. The higher attendance at racetracks that would have introduced a casino section certainly points to an industry boost.

Why Should Punters Visit a Racino?

As we mentioned before, racinos offer an extra benefit of being able to play casino games at racetracks. Watching your favourite horse making that last-minute dash across the finish line while you’re holding your bet slip can be an exciting experience. The racetrack environment is fun, enlivening and incredibly popular all over the world. 

However, there’s not much to do when the races you’ve placed bets on aren’t ongoing. That’s where being at a racino can be a lot more fun. You can enjoy slots and other electronic casino games such as video poker. 

A lot of reports suggest that racinos offer lower RTPs and the slot machines have much higher minimum bets than what you’d typically find at casinos. That means it’ll be harder to get any returns on your bets. An excellent workaround is to simply visit PayPal casino sites. Besides usually having high odds on a wide range of horse racing markets, these betting sites also have high-RTP slot machines. The best part is that you can watch most races live either at the racetrack or on the move on your smartphone screen. 

If that workaround doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, you can always visit racino casino sections simply to get entertained. It’s not uncommon for comedians, musicians, and other entertainers to perform live while races are ongoing. Some racinos occasionally offer special karaoke nights. During summer months, performances can even be held outdoors for an unforgettable fun night out. 

Just like you’d find at most casinos, racinos are home to quirky bars, exquisite restaurants. You’ll usually be able to enjoy a decent lunch or dinner buffet. Punters can also watch some television, while they relax and have a drink or two at racino bars. Some racinos even have slots in the bar where waitresses are more than happy to serve patrons drinks at their favourite machines.

Casino Vs Racino: Which Option is Better?

Now that you’re a mini-expert on racinos, the million-dollar question remains unanswered—which option is better, traditional casinos and racetracks, or the best of both worlds? Frankly, that depends entirely on each bettor’s personal preferences. Many horse racing fans prefer to bet at racinos because they also enjoy having an occasional slot machine spinning session. Racinos may, however, be less appealing to traditional casino table game players, as they have limited options in that regard.

As traditional casinos have different variants of the same games, players may sometimes branch out to racinos to have a breath of fresh air and new betting opportunities. Meanwhile, online casinos tend to be preferred by modern punters who prefer to take and follow their bets wherever they are. These players usually also tend to be able to shop around for odds at several bookies before placing their bets. 

Some racino patrons are less particular about the gambling options and are just interested in having a fun night out and enjoying live performances and karaoke nights. Whichever option you go with, what’s important in the end is to get as much entertainment value as possible. 

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