5 Strides with With Wings

An “interview” with the  17-year-old show jumper (via his rider, Karen Polle!)

The Dutch Warmblood gelding—who goes by Wings or Wingy at home—has won 5* Grand Prix all over the world, was named best horse on the Japan team at the Longines FEI Nations Cup Final in 2019, and most recently placed third in July’s 3* Grand Prix in Tryon.

1. What’s your favorite thing about being in the show ring?
First and foremost, winning. Second, it gives me a chance to buck as many times as I want in a row with everyone watching, and I really enjoy that!

2. If you could eat any human food,  what would it be?
I love sugar, so lots and lots of candy.

3. How do your people describe your personality?
Opinionated, very smart, sometimes naughty.

4. Which do you prefer and why –  bigger jumps or tighter turns?         I like both because I’m great at both. :).

5. Are you really 17 years old?
Yes, but age is just a number! I love what I do and I have a great team behind me, which is key. Karen and I work hard to keep my fitness up and my body loose when training. My grooms Diane and Ellen do a really really amazing job at keeping me feeling and looking my best. I also move around all day in the paddock when I’m home, and that really helps. Whenever I see my turnout blanket or fly sheet, I whinny.

Originally from the October 2020 issue.