National Snaffle Bit Association Announces Expanded Approval of Hunter Jumper Classes


The National Snaffle Bit Association is pleased to announce that the association is expanding its approval of hunter jumper classes, beginning in 2021 with the World Equestrian Center Ocala’s Winter Spectacular series in January.

“NSBA is very excited to welcome hunter jumper members, owners and exhibitors to the NSBA family,” noted Stephanie Lynn, NSBA executive director. “Our association looks forward to continuing to promote the growth of hunter jumper events by providing additional venues for this segment of the horse show community. We look forward to seeing new relationships blossom and to providing many more opportunities to exhibitors of all levels.”

NSBA has sanctioned hunter classes at a number of shows for the past several years, but expanded show approval will allow more opportunities for NSBA members who focus on this division of competition at additional shows and venues specific to their events. NSBA sanctioned hunter jumper shows will look and feel familiar for hunter jumper exhibitors.

NSBA hunter jumper members will benefit from the association’s recordkeeping of horse and rider earnings and show results, as well as expanded year-end awards for the division, including a Hunter Jumper Horse of the Year award. Expanded rules specific to NSBA hunter jumper competition are currently being finalized, and will be published in the NSBA 2021 Official Handbook.

For additional information, please visit the association’s web page NSBA also welcomes interested show managers to obtain NSBA approval for their hunter jumper events. Please contact NSBA at (847) 623-6722 for additional information.

About NSBA
Established in 1983, the National Snaffle Bit Association has expanded from its roots of the pleasure horse to recognize various disciplines and eight breed associations in competition. NSBA’s programs uphold keeping the welfare of the horse as the primary consideration in all activities and encourage the use of standard rules for holding and judging events.