Signs of a Winning Horse


For those who own horses and interact with them regularly, your intentions may never to be to make them competitively viable in competitions and sporting events, and that’s perfectly fine. Horses are not tools, they’re animals and they’re equally valuable being a companion and pet as they are a successful racer.

However, some owners may have noticed traits about their horse and wondered if it’s displaying characteristics of a potentially exciting, competitive horse. Some breeds and some animals were born to run: here are some signs of a winning horse that might suggest that they could be good at it.


A good racing horse is one that enjoys being part of a spectacle and one that has the right temperament for it. This means a potentially good racehorse is one that likes to be in front of people and isn’t easily spooked.

Some of the bests racers of modern times have been horses that relish the showmanship of a race and could be seen dancing and prancing and pawing during the post-parade. Personality is important, and this trait is a far better one to have than a horse who may be shy and jittery.

Competitive Spirit

A big indicator if a horse has what it takes to be a good racer is if it has that competitive spirit within them. This trait is pretty easy to spot from an early age in the horse’s life, as if it was often seeing racing and competing with other foals in a field, then that’s a big indication that it has the desire to outdo others, and means that it has potential to become a good racing horse.

Emotional Well-Being

Horses are emotional animals, they can feel and display complex feelings such as happiness, sorrow, nerves, and confidence. These emotions are important as they can impact performance, so much so that some horse racing punters mark down horses’ emotional states on their UK horse racing card.

It’s said that the most important emotion for horses to be good with is loneliness. This is because training to become a good horse can be lonely and isolating, so a horse needs to be good at handling this. Most horses are happiest spending time with other horses, but if your horse seems to isolate itself from the group a lot then this could suggest that it’s destined for the track.


Of course, the main indication of whether a horse is going to be a good racer is if it can gallop at a good pace with strong control. However, there is perhaps one feature that’s more important than top speed and that’s stamina. Stamina dictates how long a horse can travel at maximum exertion and how long it can keep it up.

This means that a horse that can maintain a good speed for longer is optimal for long distance horse racing, and in turn can become fairly valuable. If your horse seems to be able to run and run and run without displaying many signs of fatigue, then it very well could be a winning horse.

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