The History and Future of Horse Racing


Horse racing is one of the oldest types of sports betting in existence, but it is no longer the same sport that it was when our grandparents were little. The rising growth of the horse racing betting market has changed the nature of the sport over the last few years.

While the idea of choosing a winning horse has remained the same, the evolution of online betting and live horse racing has been dramatic. Keep reading below to find out everything you need to know about the history and future of horse betting:

The Beginning of Betting on Horse Racing

Historical records show that the Babylonians, the Egyptians, and the Greeks all mastered the art of domesticating horses. In fact, their relationship with these beautiful animals was so good that they often held equine events that featured combat tournaments. However, in most cases, these events were more about the bravery and strength of men rather than how fast the horse was able to run.

While it’s not clear who first started horse racing, there’s a good chance this sport became popular at Roman chariot races. Although there was no actual public betting on these races, many of the observers would place bets on the unseating of a chariot driver or the outcome of a race. In most cases, poorer people would wager small personal items and wealthier people would bet slaves, coins, or even whole estates on a race. Established betting, however, is a much more recent development.

The Two Main Methods of Betting on Horses

Traditionally, there were two main ways to bet on horses:

  • Traveling to a racetrack – this method is still immensely popular and is likely to remain popular in the future. Many people travel to the races to enjoy the day out as a whole. They’re able to get dressed up, eat nice food, and place some bets on the races. While some people may visit the track just to place a bet, many see it as something more than just betting.
  • Via a bookmaker – these were originally based in brick and mortar buildings, but nowadays, they can also be found in casinos and as online sportsbooks. This type of betting is all about trying to win money.

Modern Horse Betting

Over the last few years, horse racing and betting have changed a great deal. Players now have a lot more choices available to them than they used to in the past. One of the most significant changes we’ve seen in the world of horse betting is that internet-based casinos are now able to offer players the ability to access a sportsbook. They usually also allow their players to stream live sporting events. This adds an extra layer of fun to each bet that you place.

Another huge way that horse racing and sports betting has changed over the last few years is that players now have the ability to place bets while on the go. Mobile phones and devices have advanced considerably over the last few years and mobile internet is much faster than it used to be. This makes it much easier for players to place bets while on the go. All you need to place a bet on a horse race is a mobile browser. From there you simply log into the best online sportsbook and place a bet on a race that you like the look of.

Horse racing has always been an extremely popular and exciting sport to bet on. Over the last few years, horse racing and betting have become even more popular around the world. One of the main reasons for this is because it’s now more accessible than ever before.

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