Guide To Using CBD Oil For Horses

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You might have heard about the benefits of CBD oil for humans and pets, like dogs. For one, it’s known to manage behavioral issues and chronic pain for both humans and dogs. But the question is, does it also work for horses?

CBD oil may have similar benefits for horses. When compared to other animals, horses can be a complex pet. They have a high capacity for emotion and can be very intelligent. Unfortunately, like some animals, horses are also prone to various health issues, like inflammation.

Luckily, like CBD for cats, CBD oil can be of great help when maintaining your horse’s overall health condition. It can even boost its quality of life. 

However, before you decide to use CBD oil for horses, make sure that you understand its basics, including how it works, the recommended dosage, its benefits, and the importance of choosing the right CBD oil product. Thus, if you don’t want to experience any inconvenience in the long run, it’s important to read a guide to CBD for pets.

How CBD Oil For Horses Work?

CBD oil works by regulating the pain levels, immunity, appetite, sleep cycle, and mood of your horse. This is made possible by stimulating cannabinoid receptors in the brain, as well as supplementing the endocannabinoid system (ECS). This system is responsible for various health aspects.

CBD oil doesn’t contain THC, allowing it to treat your horse and provide benefits without causing any psychoactive effects. It may also provide your horse’s overall health a boost by giving its ECS system the necessary cannabidiol to stimulate cannabinoid receptors.

What’s The Recommended Dosage For Horses?

When it comes to CBD oil for horses, determining the right dosage is the hardest aspect since it may depend on your horse’s weight. Also, once you buy CBD oil for your horse, its manufacturer will provide you with the proper instructions for dosage. If you’re not sure of the instructions, you can consult with your vet to have an idea about the right dosage for your horse.

A good way to introduce your horse to CBD oil is to begin with a small dosage every few days, then gradually increase it until you reach the full dosage. This way, your horse won’t get overwhelmed by this new compound.

Benefits Of CBD Oil For Horses

There are many benefits of providing CBD oil for horses, some of which include the following:

  • Eases Anxiety

Not all people know that horses also have anxieties. Oftentimes, they don’t want to be separated from other horses and they may get anxious once they hear loud noises. 

With the antidepressant and anti-anxiety effects of CBD oil, it can be used to make your horse feel calmer.

  • Alleviates Pain

One of the health benefits that CBD oil can offer to horses is that it can help with pains and aches. Oftentimes, horses are made to do plenty of exercises. If you have a horse for agricultural reasons, there’s a chance that you’re riding your horse over rough ground. It means that your horse may end up with some discomfort or pain.

Like human beings, the ligaments, muscles, and bones of your horse also experience wear and tear. In the same manner that your muscles could tweak or hurt when playing tennis, such injuries may also happen to horses.

Since CBD oil has some anti-inflammatory effects, it may help deal with some muscular issues. CBD oil may also help your horse deal with general pain. In horses, it’s common for them to suffer from osteoarthritis, which is a condition that causes painful joints. This condition may be treated by using CBD oil on a regular basis.

  • Helps Improves Your Horse’s Overall Health

Although your horse isn’t suffering from any health conditions, it may still benefit from CBD oil. This is because, as mentioned, it can stimulate the ECS system of your pet, which promotes balance throughout your horse’s body.

With regular CBD oil consumption, the body processes that regulate your horse’s health, appetite, and mood can be stabilized. CBD may also have a preventative effect on some conditions that might affect the health of your horse in the future.

Use The Best CBD For Your Horse

Since CBD is often harvested as a concentrated oil, it’s easy to manufacture this in many ways. The kind of CBD product you use for your horse may depend on what condition you’re trying to alleviate.

The best form of CBD is CBD oil. It’s ideal for pets like horses because it’s easy to administer and you may also include a drop of CBD oil in your horse’s treats or food. 

Although there are other CBD products you can choose from, it’s easy to start with CBD oil. Just make sure to purchase the CBD oil made for horses and always choose high-quality products.

Bottom Line

Although CBD for horses has some great potential health benefits, you should know that it may not be suited for all horses out there. Remember that every horse is unique. This means that it’s important to consult your vet before you try any CBD products for your horse.

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