Over 50 Jaw Dropping Body Clips

Love it or hate it, body clipping season is upon us. Those of us that show don’t have a lot of creative input with our clips. The biggest question might be how big to leave the spur patch, but other equestrians get a lot more freedom with their clip jobs. Check out these amazing talents that give a festive pop to a hairy, hairy season.

Snowflakes are always appropriate for the season.

But it’s not the only type of weather to be found this time of year!

Or you could use some flames to heat things up.

Stars add some pop and festivity.

Some take their inspiration from the African sahara.

Or Celtic culture and tradition.

While others seek tropical inspiration for warmer days.

There is national pride and respect for the armed forces.

Inspiration from pop culture.

Flights of fanciful creatures.

Anatomically correct works of genius.

Impressive patterns and drips.

And sheer creativity that knows no bounds!

Happy clipping!