5 Strides with Gazelle

Photo Credit Andrew Ryback Photography

An “interview” with Kent Farrington’s star mare (via her head groom, Denise Moriarty!)

The 14-year-old bay Belgian Warmblood has jumped to great success worldwide, most recently winning the American Gold Cup Grand Prix in September. She’s also  a mother—and a grandmother! TPH caught up with her in Tryon.

1. What’s the best part about being in the show ring?
I love the feeling of the atmosphere building as I walk up to the in-gate and the rush being in the ring. I love to go fast and jump high in a packed stadium.

2. Do you have a favorite human food to eat?
Oranges … big ones, small ones, someone else’s ones!

3. You and Kent Farrington are an amazing team to watch. What’s it like to be his partner?
It is awesome, we are both competitive and like to win. We have been a team for 7 years now so we know each other very well, which helps us a lot in the ring.

4. What’s the best reward your humans can give you after a job well done?
I am pretty experienced so I know when I have done a good job, but Kent is always the first one to let me know. But I love to get treats, pats and kisses back at the barn while I relax in my massage blanket.

5. What’s life like at home in Florida when you’re not showing?
Very relaxed. I spend a lot of time in the field, on trail rides, or on the track.

Photo Credit Denise Moriarty

Originally from the December 2020 issue.