Bored in the house, in the house bored

Let’s face it: there’s a lot of great things you can do in your house but once you’ve been stuck in there for several weeks or months, entertainments can run a little thin. You can only do a 1000 piece puzzle so many times before you have it memorized.

But without leaving your house, there’s tons of great entertainment to be found for you or your family. Some entertainments are free, others might cost a little bit to indulge in but they’ll keep you entertained and help you make it through the lockdown with all of your brain cells intact.

Lockdown entertainment

No movies, restaurants, or concerts at the park crowd your calendar so what’s the best way to keep yourself entertained while stuck in lockdown? There are lots of great options to choose from!

Get social

We’re all interconnected in what feels like a million different, unique ways these days. Whether you’re vibing on Instagram, Twitch, or TikTok, there’s a potential for you to be creative and share your creativity with a willing audience.

Curate a new or current Instagram account with pictures of yourself or your hobbies. Nearly every genre of the hobby is represented on Instagram and starting a side account that caters to your hobby and connects you with others is a great way to spend some time.

Start streaming on Twitch or YouTube. It doesn’t have to be perfect or something that everyone will watch. Just get creative and do what you love and share that love with the world!

Dance your heart out on TikTok! You may not gain millions of followers but just the activity and creativity can help shake off your boredom.

Don’t forget to go old-school with your social engagements too! Send a letter or card to friends and family that you haven’t seen in a long time. Decorate the card or letter and keep that creativity flowing.

Pick up a new hobby

Maybe it’s been a few years since you dusted off the old tap shoes or maybe you’re ready to start painting and being creative. Do some research and find a new hobby that you can use to entertain yourself.

Creativity isn’t for everyone so find a hobby that works for you. A new instrument, painting, baking, cooking, dancing, all make for great new or returning hobbies. They don’t have to be perfect, they just have to entertain you.

It doesn’t even have to be creative. There are tons of games, puzzles, and mind-benders like Among Us, betting or casino gaming online, and riddles per day that can fill up your time and keep you engaged.

Explore a new series

The world is full of creative people who get paid to do creative things and one of the most awesome parts of the human experience is getting to consume that creativity. Checking out a new series in book, podcast, music, or television form is a great way to stay entertained throughout the lockdown.

Everyone has a tried and true series that they seem to return to over and over. That’s a great place to start. Find things that are related to your favorite series and start watching them over time. As you go along you’ll branch farther and farther from your original starting place which can lead to a whole new series in no time.

Perhaps it’s the medium that’s been boring you. Sticking with just TV or movies can get old after a while. Switch it up with a podcast or audiobook to break up the way you consume your creativity. There are millions of podcasts in any number of genres and topics that can keep you entertained for days. Audiobooks are easy to obtain and engaging for young and old listeners alike!

Develop a side hustle

Everyone talks about side hustles as a quick fix for anyone wanting to make a little extra cash. But where do you find the time to get it all done?

Lockdown is time in abundance and developing your next side hustle will keep you entertained! Find a niche that you enjoy, after all, you’ve got the time to develop it so there’s no need to just “make a quick buck” and move on.

There are tons of great side hustles that can utilize working with a team via remote sites or just let you set your own pace and style of business. Setting up an Etsy store may have seemed daunting and out of reach a year ago but now with time to make products and set it all up, it’s a great way to be invested and entertained.


Entertainment in the time of lockdown is all in what you make of it. After a day of remote school or working from home, entertainment should be catered to you. Whether that means zoning out while taking in a new series or getting creative yourself, entertainment is what you make of it.

Some great ways to stay entertained during lockdown can still help keep you engaged with others. Get social and boost your social media feed but spending time curating your profiles and just being creative on your feeds. Don’t neglect old-school socialization via letters or cards to your friends and family.

You can keep yourself entertained by picking up a new hobby. Whether that’s a game, creative outlet, or just something you feel like you’ve never had time for before, make sure that it’s catered to you and what you want to do.

Explore a new series via books, movies/TV, podcasts, and more. Mix up your creative intake by exploring a new medium of entertainment. Start with what you like and branch out to new ideas and series.

Set yourself up with a little extra cash and a new passion with a side hustle. Rather than joining some part-time job just to nab a little extra money each month, work with your passions to develop a creative side hustle. Now that you’ve got the time to invest in your side hustle, you can combine your passion and business savvy to create something new.

Keep yourself entertained in this day and age of lockdown with any number of activities. The added time allows you to engage with your friends and family and pursue your passions.

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