Looking for a good read?

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A book is a great gift for all ages any time of year!
Here are some you may want to consider for this holiday season …

1. Rescue: A coming-of-age story perfect for horse fans. Twelve-year-old animal lover Joni clashes with her new neighbor and animal rights activist Chess. Their bumpy friendship reaches a crisis when Chess stages an impulsive animal rescue, and Joni must act fast to save the animals’ lives. Available on Amazon.

2. The Hungry Place: A horse adventure (perfect for fans of Black Beauty), featuring a Connemara pony who is pampered and beloved, then abused and neglected, until twelve-year-old Rae brings love to her again. Available on Amazon.

3. Jump the Moon: When you follow your heart, dreams really do come true. This heartwarming true story about the bond between a girl and her pony will teach readers, young and old, the importance of trusting your heart, following your dreams, and never putting limits on what is possible. Find it at readjumpthemoon.com

4. Show Strides is a series of novels about riding, horse shows, and what it takes to succeed in the sport we all love. Go to theplaidhorse.com to order.

5. Prava’s Steeplechase Adventure: What is it like to be a Steeplechase horse? A story told thru the eyes of a steeplechase race horse on race day with timeless photos illustrated by children around the world, some with, and some without disabilities. It concludes with an opportunity for the reader to make a prediction about the future of Prava. All royalties go to charity. Look for it on gofundme.com

6. Geoff Teall on Riding Hunters, Jumpers and Equitation: Teall, a noted judge, trainer, and clinician, offers his insight on how to increase the effectiveness of the time you spend in the saddle, whether you’re a beginner hunter or a seasoned professional. Go to theplaidhorse.com to order.

7. Stable Style, Barn Inspiration for All Equestrians: An inspiring book celebrating the equestrian lifestyle. Currently being offered now through the end of the year at stablestyle.net/shop

8. Distant Skies: When she was 23, Melissa Chapman, carrying a puppy named Gypsy, climbed aboard a horse and rode away from everything, heading west. She learned that the reality of a cross-country horseback journey was much different than the fantasy. Find it at HorseandRiderBooks.com

9. The Equestrian Adventure Series: Now you can travel the world on horseback … without getting lost, thrown or rained on! Experience horse riding in exotic destinations with these true and inspirational stories of women overcoming challenges, facing their fears and connecting with other adventuresses. This book series features incredible true and inspiring stories of women overcoming the odds on their horseback adventures in exotic countries. Head to Amazon to purchase.

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