The Best of 2020: Top Blog Posts

This year has been one like no other, and we’ve kept up with the horse world through the highs and the lows. Whether it’s celebrating the joy of a special horse or diving deep into tough issues, here are out top blog posts from the past year.

Sometimes it seems that the biggest lessons horses teach us have nothing to do with riding.

It’s easy to overlook how much we learn from horses every day. I’ve been riding my whole life, and still have a new takeaway from every lesson. While the mechanics and nuances are the things we tend to notice the most, it’s the less obvious life lessons that stay with us the longest and have the biggest impact.

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Real Ribbon Displays to Get Inspiration for Showcasing Ribbons in Your Home

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Where Have All the Barn Rats Gone?

Lately, I’ve heard a lot of talk about how young riders have changed since when I grew up.  What happened to the good ol’ days where barn rats ran amuck for hours on end? Surely they’re still out there and it’s the greatest life you could wish for your teenager, but why are barn rats so hard to find?

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Reality Bites: When You Can No Longer Give Your Child Pony Dreamland

Pony Dreamland felt a little like we had slipped into a party where everyone is this incredible combination of glamour and dirt. Muddy golf carts with purebred dogs on the back napping on Burberry blankets. Girls mucking stalls in $5000 boots. Dreamland was a place where my son, Ziggy, could show for three weeks at a time. Shipping costs seem reasonable, and running to the tack shop for a couple of Tailored Sportsman was no big deal. That initial nausea you felt after paying the first “AA” show bill had long disappeared, and been replaced with good old fashioned denial.

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I Would Like to Introduce Myself

While I commend publications that have broached the subject, one thing about our community’s approach is glaringly apparent to me: the lack of honest communication with Black people about their experience in our sport. Something odd happens to a person who is brought up in communities primarily populated by people who are different from them. I know, because I am one of those people. 

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Horse Shows Will Resume With New “Lead Changeless” Hunter Division

April 1st, 2020 – Equestrians eagerly awaiting the return of horse show season will have something extra to look forward to—a new hunter division to debut when shows resume. During the extra downtime with the recent pause in the show schedule, governing bodies have had time to discuss improvements. The new division, Partially-Working Hunter, promises to entice a wide variety of riders. … APRIL FOOL’S!

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Karl Cook on How to Fix Our Horse Shows

Who else is tired of hearing these complaints? Not because they aren’t true; not because they aren’t real issues, but because they’re restated endlessly without any proposed remedies (classifying them as mere complaints, as complaining rarely accompanies specific solutions). Such complaining fuels bitterness and resentment. This counterproductive attitude is a burden for any serious sport.

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Tips to Keep Your Barn Safe From Spreading Coronavirus

Although it may seem like a sunny horse barn with a lot of outdoor space is an impossible area for a virus to spread, germs don’t care about freshly drug arenas. We want you to enjoy your horse and riding as much as possible, but it’s important to remember these essential tips to stop the virus from spreading in our beloved barns.

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