Why the Kentucky Derby remains the special event in the racing calendar


When it comes to enjoying yourself in your spare time, there’s a lot of things to do in America. We all have different passions, and for some, that will involve gambling.

Another form of gambling that people enjoy is more traditional – visiting the race track. There are many great festivals across the US each year, bringing the best trainers, jockeys, and horses on the planet together. Either way, you’re sure to be entertained.

The history of the horse track is long-established, to the extent it has a long history built through its reputation and coverage in the community. Some industries, such as online casinos, do not have this luxury, which is why comparison sites are important.

Whether that’s looking at bonusfinder.com for the latest offers to start your casino journey, or to find out your state’s stance on online casino games. No matter what, there’s plenty of options. Whilst you may have to read online casino reviews to find the best places to play, understanding which horse racing events appeal is clearer cut.

Certain races just stand out, and many would argue there’s one that stands above the rest – the Kentucky Derby. It’s not just an iconic horse racing event, but an iconic sporting one, and here we will outline what makes it so special.


A key aspect that makes this race so special is the history behind it. The first race was held way back in 1875, with history.com explaining how that makes it the longest-running sporting event in the US, ahead of the 147th Derby scheduled for later this year.

During that time, there have been so many notable moments, including Donerail shocking the country and emerging victorious in 1913 as an incredible 91-1 shot. This history is passed on from generation to generation, which makes it the pinnacle for all involved in the sport. For trainers and jockeys, it’s the number one event that you dream of winning.

The fans

Following on from that, the support that it generates is like no other race as well, because of the reasons already outlined. The Kentucky Derby isn’t just a horse race, it’s the horse race. That means everything stops for so many families, with deadline.com showing how viewing figures exceed 15 million quite regularly in the past decade.

When you combine that with the 150,000 people that normally pack out the grandstands of Churchill Downs, then this provides an atmosphere and excitement that few events can match in the world.

The prize money

In other sports, the increase in money in the game has seen traditional events lose their glow. The glitz and glamour of something new have taken over. But, not in horse racing, and the importance of the Kentucky Derby is highlighted by the prize funds on offer.

Today, the winner will land over $1.8m, with a $3m purse available. So, as well as the prestige and honor of competing in this race, it has the potential to change the lives of any involved with the winner. The romantic element of the sport still exists here, with the unfancied trainers and jockeys having a chance to scoop the big prize. This also ensures that the Derby will remain the number one race around, as everyone wants to win it.

Overall, there are many great sporting events in the US, but few can compare with the Kentucky Derby. With the support it attracts, combined with the history and the bright future, it’s going to be the number one race in the country for a long time yet.

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