As Chrissy Teigen Takes Up Riding, The Plaid Horse Community Shares Advice—And Kindness


Horse girls of all ages, rejoice: Chrissy Teigen is joining our ranks.

The star shared her first riding experience on social media last week, Tweeting, “My therapist says I need something that I do just for me, as I have absolutely nothing currently lol Today begins my journey into the horse world.”

Back in October, the model and cookbook author had shared a personal tragedy with her millions of followers: She and husband John Legend lost their baby boy Jack after a complicated pregnancy.

From certain corners of the Internet, however, Teigen’s plan for equine self-care was met with snark. But here at The Plaid Horse, we want to welcome Teigen to our sport with open arms, and to share our best advice with her. (She’s already learning the struggle that is tall boots.)

Here’s what our readers in the Plaid Horse Adult Amateur Lounge on Facebook had to say. Welcome, Chrissy!

  • Riding is the single best therapy I know—enjoy the escape from the world that horses provide us. -Rennie Dyball
  • Sports bra. -Sahne Johnson
  • You’re doing the hard stuff right now. I don’t think anything I have learned  after learning to post the trot and sit the canter has been as challenging.  -Grace Wilkins Maxwell
  • We were all beginners in the beginning. Stick with it! -Kelly Leigh Smith
  • There is NOTHING like the very first time of feeling the complete trust of your horse and he knows it; and he takes care of you. You will be bonded forever. -Joanna Rosanova Dash
  • Let yourself escape fully at the barn. Spend time brushing, grazing … it’s all part of the therapy! -Brittany Kaytis
  • Heels down and have some fun! Welcome to the best sport! -Paige Beisel
  • Trust your horse. This is easier said than done, especially as a green rider, but trust them to take care of you and trust that they know their job. Let them do it. -Tami Carden
  • The only time my mind is truly free is on a horse. There is a free and happy space when you communicate silently with your horse. -Melissa Hutchinson Guenther
  • Riding is hard. It’s worth it. -Lisa Noel
  • Don’t try to learn everything in the first day/week/month/years. It’s a humbling but rewarding sport. Most of all, enjoy and relish the time for yourself. We all love and support you. -Sharon Brown Winnie
  • The best part of riding is the bond with your horse. Handling them on the ground is just as important to your bond as the time you spend in the saddle, and often even MORE therapeutic. There’s no other sport like this one. Welcome! -Jackie Loyd
  • 1)  It’s doesn’t matter how much you ride or how good you are, you’ll still take lessons. 2) We are the luckiest people. We know the honor of riding horses. If you are lucky enough to ride, you are lucky enough. -Lindy Gutman
  • Horses are the one thing in my life I have done just for me. They have healed my heart in every way, over and over. Welcome to the party.