The Best Places To Go Horseback Riding in the US

Being active improves our physical health, gives us more energy and reduces stress and anxiety. Spending time with animals increases our levels of the mood hormone – serotonin which is good for our body and emotions.

So why not put them together to gain mental and physical health? Horseback riding is one such pastime that makes a great combination of the two.

Horseback riding is very beneficial for your overall health and physical condition. You can burn many calories during riding, improve coordination, and increase your strength – horseback riding is full-body training!

It’s also a relaxing form of massage! According to Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist Rheta D. Connor, “The natural rhythm of the horse aids in circulation and relaxation while gently exercising and massaging the rider’s joints, muscles, and spine.”

As well as its health benefits, you can increase your social activity! Meet new people, instructors, and most essentially – your horse.

There are many places you can go horseback riding in the US; let’s choose from the best!

Arizona – Tombstone Monument Ranch

The Tombstone Monument Ranch is built in the image of an old west town. Everything is individually styled. You can choose where you want to wake up the “Grand Hotel’,” the “Marshall’s Office,” “The Blacksmith,” or even in “Jail.”

There are various trails. Explore the western world while horseback riding, and get to know the popular history about the surrounding area – cowboys, miners, and Apaches will not be strangers to you anymore!

You don’t have to be experienced in horse riding – they provide riding lessons! You can also practice activities like shooting with an instructor and have tutored archery lessons.

Burst through the swing doors, slide a whiskey down the bar, and enjoy your adventure in a unique western city!

Santa Fe – The Fairbanks Ranch

Surround yourself with beautiful lakes, parks, and experience a host of activities at the Fairbanks Ranch!

Spend a great time with your family – party, BBQ in the park, watch the kid’s excitement on the playground, beat your friend on a tennis court, and most importantly – take advantage of the Equestrian Centre!

There are spacious stalls, groomed trails, three arenas, and six turnouts surrounded by a park-like setting. You can board here, take lessons, or attend riding camps.There are activities here to suit any age. If you want to learn how to saddle a horse, here is the place to do it!

Relax during the day in the library or delight yourself with the stillness of the lake.

Explore the beautiful area, experience various activities, and relax at the Fairbanks Ranch!

For more information, check The Fairbanks Ranch Gallery.

Wyoming – Bitterroot Ranch

The Bitterroot Ranch provides some of the best horseback riding in North America.

Great places to see around the ranch:

          The Shoshone National Forest, which borders the ranch,

          Yellowstone National Park – is located fifty miles away across untouched wildlife and mountainous scenery.

          The Absaroka Mountains and Wind River are always within sight.

Northwest Wyoming offers a variety of horseback riding trails. From rides along the river, high plain desserts to climbing up through aspen groves. Along the way, there are abandoned settler homesteads and cowboy camps.

Many of their horses were raised and trained for quality equestrian offerings. You can choose between a Western saddle or an English one to have a balanced seat riding. They provide riding lessons in a small group setting – dependent on your previous experience with horses.

During the summer, you have an opportunity to move the cattle on to grazing lands in the national forest.

Visit the Bitterroot Ranch in Wyoming and have the best vacations ever!

Start your adventure!

If you are looking for a unique property, there is nothing better in the world for horse lovers than a farmhouse with a wide-open field.

You can provide your horses with the best facilities, go horseback riding whenever you want to, and enjoy your time with family surrounded by nature and any animals. The peaceful and calm environment will be a welcome respite from the noisy city. You can do whatever you want and be yourself on your farm.

Treat yourself to beautiful natural sights and spend a memorable time with your family in a dream farmhouse!

Last step

Now you have become familiar with the best places to visit. Pick the one that is the most suitable for you and your loved ones.

Choose between Western-style adventures, or luxurious ranches and enjoy life in the saddle. Explore those beautiful places while horse riding and enjoy your vacation!

If you are thinking about a longer-term solution, buy a country house with a farm and stalls for your horses and other animals. It will help you maintain mental health and peace of mind.

You have only one life – spend it surrounded by the people and animals you love!

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