Get Ready to Show With Springtime Supplements

Taking lessons, training your horse, polishing your tack — there’s a lot to do when preparing for a big show, and that’s before you even get to your horse’s appearance. Riders bathe their horses, clip their hair and braid their manes and tails, but to get that show shine, the horse needs to be healthy in the first place.

With Springtime Supplements, you can keep your horse in show-ready condition all year long. That way, whether you’re showing now or plan to show down the road, you and your horse will be prepared!

Performance Paste

Springtime’s Performance Paste is the perfect pre-event paste that helps to boost energy, stamina and oxygenation. It maintains cartilage and capillary health, keeps joints lubricated and supports a healthy inflammatory response.

One tube of Performance Paste given six to eight hours before an event gives horses the support they need for “best day” performance. Horses will focus better on the task at hand while staying calm and relaxed.

Daily Calm

Nervous horses that need a little extra focus on show day might benefit from Daily Calm for Horses, a top-grade ginseng supplement that helps reduce stress and nervousness without sedation. This natural calming supplement enhances confidence, performance and health, and it can be used either daily or for specific events.

Panax ginseng, which is known to combat stress, improve health and increase athletic performance, is the primary active ingredient in Daily Calm. Other ingredients may help support adrenal function and assist in fighting free radicals. This supplement is ideal for travel and trailering, and may help relax stall walkers, weavers, horses that spook easily or higher-strung equines.

Ahiflower Equine Omega Oil

If you’re looking to boost your horse’s general health, Ahiflower Equine Omega Oil might help. This supplement is a complete and balanced source of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Anti-inflammatory benefits of omega-3 supplementation in horses includes improved stride length and reduced joint inflammation.

Ahiflower Equine Omega Oil is clinically proven to be superior to flaxseed oil in improving a horse’s overall omega-3 levels. In addition to being excellent for skin health, it supports a healthy inflammatory response and reduces allergic response by maintaining a strong immune function.

Gamma Oryzanol

Does your horse need to build some muscle? Gamma Oryzanol for Horses promotes muscle integrity and definition, while supporting performance, endurance and healthy skin. This supplement is made from purified gamma oryzanol, a rare, naturally occurring constituent of rice bran. It is blended into rice bran oil, which adds vitamins, antioxidants and other nutrients.

Gamma Oryzanol is a great option for prepping for shows, fitting sale horses and maintaining horses in training. It supports normal muscle recovery, establishes and maintains a healthy weight and enhances exercise tolerance.

Hoof & Coat Formula

A horse that has a shiny coat and strong hooves will stand out, and you can help your horse achieve both with Springtime Hoof & Coat. Recommended by farriers, Springtime Hoof & Coat Formula contains ingredients like biotin and B vitamins for mineral replenishment, optimal hydration, strong, healthy hooves and a brilliant coat.

This whole food formula is made from natural, unrefined ingredients and is rich in wide-spectrum trace minerals and electrolytes. On top of nourishing the skin and coat, it provides essential nutrients for healthy nerve and muscle function.

People Products  

Don’t forget about yourself when prepping for a show! Springtime Supplements also offers several formulas that will boost wellness and ease physical and emotional stress in humans.

Ahiflower Omega 3-6-9 Softgels provide a combination of essential omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids. These are essential for health, vitality and wellness.

The Tonic Blend combines the benefits of a high-end vitamin formula with the power of adaptogens, which help the body protect itself from mental, physical and environmental stressors. It’s a great way to also add natural antioxidants into your diet to help the body’s processes function normally during physical and emotional stress.

One of nature’s strongest antioxidants — which provide a defense against free radicals — is Astaxanthin, and it is available from Springtime Supplements for people. These softgels protect the brain, nervous system and eyes from free radical damage due to their ability to cross the blood-brain and blood-retinal barrier. Astaxanthin for People can support the body in exercise recovery, maintain a healthy circulatory system and support skin health during UV and sun exposure, among other benefits.

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