Virtual Alternatives to Live Horse Racing in 2021

There will be horse racing events throughout the country this year. Tons of them, to be precise, but few of them will welcome spectators. Sure, efforts to vaccinate Americans from the Coronavirus underway but health officials still believe we have a long way racetrack can operate at full capacity.

Meanwhile, virtual horse racing is now a thing. Yep, people are watching computerized simulations of horse racing events. Should you care? Discover more in our guide below.

What is Virtual Live Horse Racing?

Virtual Horse racing works on a simple concept: a computer simulates a racing match using virtual horse races. Then people are allowed to watch and even bet on these events. Bookmakers provide fixed odds for various events—most races take a couple of minutes.

Why would anyone bet on horse races simulated by a computer? The winners are determined by a random generate software. In other words, they are games of luck. And people love to test their luck even when the odds aren’t always appealing.

In the usual fashion, greyhound racing is often an alternative for horse racing. But they don’t have to be options. You can wager on both sports at many leading sportsbooks, obviously betting websites based in states where greyhound racing is allowed.

This site has more information about virtual greyhound racing. It also features a list of the best websites to use for people in the UK. Many of the bookmakers listed have generous welcome bonuses for new players. But take time to compare their services so that you find the best operator overall.

The Odds for Virtual Games

As mentioned, the bookies set the odds for different virtual games. Surprisingly, the odds tend to be competitive. But there’s a perfect explanation. Any horse or greyhound can win a particular race no matter the circumstances.

So, just because a thoroughbred has won a couple of real-life horse-racing events doesn’t mean it must win at virtual games.  The wining horse is picked by the computer. And because it’s a random process, there’s a chance you can decent cash even with little research.

Although many virtual games are based on pure chance, some are not. Sportsbook reveal this fine detail about the games under their terms and section’s category. So, read to learn whether there’s way to win virtual horse racing events besides luck.

At some bookie apps, algorithms use a system that favors one greyhound or horse more than the rest. The reason is to create an environment that simulates live horse racing as closely as possible. For example, a bookie can pick one horse to win 5% of races in a week. This encourages people to check each stallion’s record just like they would for real races.

Types of Virtual Betting Games

Although horse racing is the most popular game in the virtual category, it’s not the only one. In fact, there’s a virtual game for nearly every sport in the world. You can wager on simulated soccer games, football, basketball, baseball or hockey.

The best part is that these games are quick and use the same bet types used in live sports. For example, soccer fans can predict correct scores, place handicaps, or wager on props like the number of cards a referee gives out.

Where games are completely based on chance, all you can do is hope the algorithm favors you. But if software is skewed and there’s a guide to check records and stats, then you can have a chance of winning consistently at virtual games.

Pre-Match and Live Betting

Like betting in horse racing, virtual games give you a choice between pre-match and live-betting. Pre-match betting is the traditional sense of it: you wager before a race or game commences. The benefit is that you have time to compare games and odds before you place a bet. The disadvantage is that odds aren’t always great.

In-play betting means wagering on a game while it’s in action. The main benefit is that odds change drastically and that increases your potential winnings if a game ends in your favor. On the downside, you have to make decisions quickly. And if you make an error, it can be costly.

When you think about it, both forms of betting are great in their own ways. Virtual sports events take only a couple of minutes. So, you can bet before a game starts and get your results quickly. On the flip side, live betting is more exciting and more profitable if you place bets at the right time.

Strategies to Win Virtual Bets

If it’s something people can wager on, there’s always a way to maximize your profits. The only problem is that there’s a lot of people who claim to have strategies that work. Many of them are useless and can’t help you in games whose outcome is mainly based on chance.

So, which tips work for virtual live horse racing?

  • Maximize your Bets

If you have $20 to spend in virtual games, it’s better to divide the money into four $5 bets than twenty $1 wagers. The explanation is that there’s no guarantee of winning and as such, you want to maximize your money even if you win a couple of times.

  • Don’t Chase Losses

Betting on virtual games isn’t the best way to make money in sports betting. It’s just a fun way to stay active on your favorite betting sites. This means don’t spend so much time at virtual games. Bet a few times and look for real sports. This is particularly important when losing. It’s easy to feel like chasing your losses. But it never works.

  • Choose your Sportsbook Carefully

Because betting companies create or lease the software that produce winners in virtual games, they play an impact on how often you win. Naturally, you want a betting company that provides a fair system regardless of the games you play. With that in mind, read around to discover the best-rated betting companies for virtual games. These are the sites you want to use for virtual betting.

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