Why Horse Racing is so Popular in Australia


Horse racing is a huge sport around the world, but it’s especially loved the most in Australia. Some people enjoy watching horses run while others look forward to betting on horses for big wins and the adrenaline rush. 

As a spectator sport, horse racing gives bettors a high they cannot get from wagering on any other form of sport. 

Australians spend billions of dollars betting on their favourite horses and many win big cash prizes. Horse racing’s popularity in Australia has exponentially grown over the years and we’re here to find out why. 

The History of Horse Racing in Australia 

Horse racing has been around for centuries not only in Australia, but other countries as well. Sydney is considered horse racing’s birth place because this is where it all began in the early 1800s. 

Over a hundred years later, the Sydney Turf Club came to be; it was a body that oversaw horse race events throughout Australia. From here, this spectator sport grew bigger and better as many Australians embraced it. 

It went from a sport that people participated in for entertainment to one that gave spectators a chance to win money. Many bettors participate in horse race betting as tribute to their history; Australians strive to pass horse racing from generation to generation. 

Horse Races in Australia 

After the Sydney Turf Club, came other equally big clubs. Today, the Melbourne Cup is a big deal in the country. If you’ve had the opportunity to attend one of the events, you notice that Australia grinds to a halt as people watch the 3.2 kilometre horse race. 

The Melbourne Cup is the longest single horse race globally; arguably bigger than Britain’s Grand National. Australians take pride in winning out most of the Melbourne Cup races. 

Other notable horse racing events in Australia include:

Each of these events happen in Autumn and Spring months and even though they don’t attract the same numbers as the Melbourne Cup, they’re big deals as well.

It’s fair to conclude that the big turnout in Australia’s horse racing events comes down to richness in tradition and a deep love for sports. The thrill and excitement of the sport is the reason why so many Australians love to bet on horses. It’s no secret that Australians have a national love for a good wager. 

Unlike other betting forms that get controlled by machines, horse racing allows punters to use their own judgement to make betting decisions. To increase your chances of winning, you need to take a look at the best horse racing tips and tipsters in Australia and choose the right bookmaker. 

Horse Race Betting in Australia 

Aside from watching horses race, Australians also enjoy betting on horses for big wins, or just the adrenaline rush that comes from watching your horse win or lose. Sports betting is a massive global industry and Australia’s contribution through horse race betting cannot be overlooked.

The fact that Australia has the highest number of horse race courses should tell you that the demand for this sport is high. In the 2015/16 horse racing season alone, Australians wagered up to $16 billion on thoroughbred racing, and the numbers have been increasing every season. 

How to Bet on Horse Races in Australia 

At the moment, the internet has made it extremely easy for bettors to access online betting platforms. You can wager on your favourite horse regardless of where you are, or what you’re doing. Most bettors prefer online betting because of its convenience and easy access. 

If you’re more conventional, there are licensed on-trach bookmakers who fix odds for placing and wins so you have an easy time deciding on which horse to bet on. Make sure you’re familiar with all the horse betting terms and jargons to avoid innocent betting mistakes. 

You can also venture into off-track betting in case you want unfixed odds. The last alternative is SP bookmaking where you wager against a bookie’s odds. 

Established betting brands are quite popular with local bettors because of the online betting platforms they provide. Betting companies understand that horse racing is popular in Australia and punters love convenience and accessibility.


The reason behind horse racing popularity in Australia is clearly a mixture of the country’s history with horse races, sports betting’s popularity and the adrenaline rush associated with watching animals race each other. Whether you’re enjoying the sport for what it is, seeking a high from watching animals run or you’re a punter staking for big wins, we hope this article has shed light on Australia’s love for horse races. 

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