The Most Well-Known Prizes In The World And Their Winners

The Nobel Peace Prize and other prestigious awards are a thing of importance. But who knew that you could bet on them? That’s right, you’ll know exactly how to bet on the Nobel peace prize awards and even major award winners throughout the year.

We’ll be taking a look at some of the most well-known prizes in the world and take a look at some of the winners of ages past. Some of them have been actors, statesmen, athletes, and have made their marks on the world in one way or another. Winners of these prizes are among some of the most recognized personalities in their own right.

They have worked hard and dedicated their lives to becoming great. And the major prizes they have won will cement them into immortality. Now, here are some of the most well-known prizes in the world (along with some notable winners):

1.   Nobel Peace Prize

For over a hundred years, the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to those who have done the most work for the benefit of world peace. The winners have included various members of the clergy like Martin Luther King Jr. (1964) and Mother Teresa (1979). Among its winners are a handful of statesmen and politicians including three US Presidents: Jimmy Carter (2002), Al Gore (2007), and Barack Obama (2009).

The Nobel Peace Prize is also awarded alongside the prize for chemistry, literature, physics, and other categories. The Peace Prize was named after Alfred Nobel, a Swedish chemist and businessman.

2.   Knighthood of the British Empire

While not necessarily a prize per se, it’s one of the highest honors for any citizen of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth Nations. Many musicians, athletes, scientists, and other notable figures who have made their marks on the world and in history have earned knighthood through their contributions.

Even non-British citizens can become knights. However, the only difference is that they cannot carry the title of ‘Sir’. Notable honorary knights (as they are called) include Bono, Pele, and former NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani.

The list goes on and on with how many British citizens are worthy of the title ‘Sir’. Most recently, seven time Formula One World Champion Lewis Hamilton was knighted by the Queen shortly after equalling his record of world titles with Michael Schumacher. Other knights include Paul McCartney, Rod Stewart, former PM Winston Churchill, and Issac Newton among many others.

3.   Academy Awards

The Academy Awards (or the Oscars) is one of the major events of the year for movie buffs. The Oscars are the top prize in the film industry for best actors, actresses, directors, and films. In the near hundred years of the Oscars, the list of names can go on and in every category.

For ‘Best Actor’, past winners have included Leonardo diCaprio, Joaquin Phoenix, Matthew McConaughey, Jack Nicholson, and Tom Hanks among its long list. For Best Actress, winners included Renee Zellwegger, Emma Stone, Nicole Kidmann, and Halle Berry. Finally, the Best Director award winners have included Martin Scorcese, Ron Howard, Clint Eastwood, and James Cameron.

If there is one thing to bet on during the year, it’s usually the Academy Awards.

4.   Super Bowl

The Lombardi Trophy is one of the best prizes in all of sports. Every February, two of the best teams from the NFL will duke it out for the right to become World Champions. No stranger to winning this top prize is Tom Brady. He has won six Super Bowls with the New England Patriots (and at the time of this write-up, is en-route to an unprecedented tenth Super Bowl appearance in his career).

Aside from ‘Tommy Super Bowl’, many teams have been able to snag the Lombardi trophy in their franchises history. Most recently, the Kansas City Chiefs have done so winning it for the first time in a half century. And they could do it a third time this year.

The game is watched by millions around the world. More than the World Series, the NBA playoffs, or almost any major league championship.

5.   The Palme D’or

This is the most prestigious award for films at the world’s largest film festival in the world, the Cannes Film Festival. There have been many notable films that have made it through Cannes, and only a few of them have become blockbuster classics.

Notable winners of the Palme D’or include Taxi Driver, Pulp Fiction, and Apocalypse Now. These three films have been the most talked about by movie buffs the world over. Who will win this top prize in film and become the next best cult classic? Only time will tell.

6.   The Grammys

The Grammy Awards are like the Oscars for music. Winners include ‘Song of the Year’, ‘Best Recording Artist’, and more. The awards are given throughout many musical genres like rock, pop, jazz, and more.

For ‘Best Song Of The Year’, there have been a handful of artists to win it twice in their careers. They include Eric Clapton, U2, Adele, andBette Midler (who won it back to back in 1990 and 1991). Adele in her own right has snagged the prestigious ‘Album Of The Year’ award twice in her career (first in 2012 and later in 2017).

If you want to bet on an Awards ceremony and you’re a sucker for music, you can probably make off with some cold hard cash betting on the Grammy Awards.

Final Thoughts

These six well-known prizes are among some of the best in the world. Oddly enough, you can bet on some of the winners as well. As the decade rolls around, there’s no telling who will come home with the world’s best prizes in sports, entertainment, and even world peace.

But one thing is for sure, you can have a lot of fun betting on who will win it all. It’s nothing quite like playing online casino games. Sometimes you might have a bit of knowledge in something to a point where you can bet confidently (but not riskily).

Sometimes, it pays to have a little knowledge.

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