Almond Eye is crowned Japan Horse of 2020

Almond Eye has seen off her rival in the race crowned Japan’s 2020 Horse of the Year, just as she frequently did on the track, with the incredible mare attracting 236 of the totals of 283 votes.

The awards are determined by horse racing journalists and there are 283 of them. When it comes to the Horse of the Year, Almost Eye went for the record-breaking one, whose year and career was topped by a second win last year in November during the Japan Cup.

This mare, who was also Japan’s Horse of the Year in 2018, was retired from racing after she became the first horse in Japan’s history to win nine grade 1s on turf. And If you’re looking to have some fun, then nowadays there are plenty of ways to do that. Fortunately, you have something that you can browse through Find yourself the best online casino so that you can play some casino games while making some money, which is always something good. This will definitely leave you in a good mood. 

Triple Crown hero Contrail started to be the second favorite for the Japan Cup behind the great leader Almond Eye. He actually finished runner-up to her there and occupied the same place in the Horse of the Year stake, with 44 votes.

Superstar miler Gran Alegria, who in 2020 won 3 grade 1s, received only two votes while the fillies’ Triple Crown heroine, Daring Tact, who was third in the Japan Cup, received one.

Contrail and Daring Tact took out the 3-year-old awards, Gran Alegria won the sprinter/miler category, while incredible white filly Sodashi was named juvenile filly of 2020.

Masashi Yonemoto of Silk Racing Co. Ltd., who own Almond Eye stated that first of all they are very happy to have been selected for the prestigious Horse of the Year title. They thanked everyone who was involved in the horse, including the Sakae Kunieda stable and Northern Farm staff.

They also stated that she has retired safely and has now a new career as a broodmare, so everyone should continue to support her as her children make their debuts.

Kunieda stated that last year she won three grad 1 races, finishing her career while she always kept her brilliance. Kunieda only thanked to Almond Eye. Also, to the support of the owners, fans and breeders that were able to win the Horse of the Year award, which was very important for all of them, especially for Almond Eye.

Also, Lamaire, who has an amazing year, added that she was incredibly strong last year. She always showed a fantastic potential since she was 2 and worked hard up to and including her last run. He is glad that she ran safely until the end and retired. She will always be unforgettable for him. He is happy that he was happy to ride her for 3 rides, and now he’s looking forward to seeing her babies.

The recent Arima Kinen (Grand Prix, G1) winner was Chrono Genesis, who won a special award and his trainer said that he was very grateful and he was honored to be selected. At the Arima Kinen, she was the number one fans’ vote, with the highest number of votes in all of history, which is very important.

Horse racing in Japan is extremely popular and there are many people who like to bet on it. In fact, it’s one of the few things that Japanese people can bet on. Japanese breeders, owners and fans really like this sport and they all treat their horses very well, so it’s no wonder that this is a highly common sport amongst the Japanese.

Many consider it to be the sport of Japan and this is more or less true, since it’s definitely a sport that has been around in this country for a while. There are many people who want to participate on it, since those who win get widely known, especially horse owners. It’s important for those who breed these animals, since they bred a winning horse.

Nowadays, there are a lot of people competing and this sport is probable one of the most popular in many countries. It’s surely a different that makes Japan rock with the horses and all of its rules. Especially when it comes to racing, there’s a huge furor when there’s a race, since it’s possible to watch the most popular races on the television and much more.

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