Hermés Welcomes Steve Guerdat, the World Number 1 Show Jumper, to its Team of Partnered Riders

Steve Guerdat has joined Hermés' team of Partnered Riders. Photo by Jessica Rodrigues

Hermès is confirming its commitment to being a sports equipment manufacturer at the highest level of equestrian competition, as Steve Guerdat, the experienced rider who has won the greatest international classes, is joining its team.

Hermès draws on its expertise, its exceptional know-how, innovative creativity and exceptional materials to support high-level riding through a team of partner riders. In this way, it nourishes and sustains its equestrian history through an ongoing dialogue between riders and saddlers.

“Steve Guerdat is an exceptional rider, who is respected for his talent and his list of wins, as well as his humility and sincerity, by all of the equestrian world’s stakeholders. We share the same respect for the horse and passion for great sport with him. We are delighted to welcome the World number 1 show jumper and individual gold medalist at the 2012 London Olympics to our team of partner riders. We wish him the very best for this Olympic year!” says Ly Lallier, Hermès’ Equestrian Managing Director.

Steve Guerdat reflects on his commitment:
“I’m honoured to join Hermès. Beyond the image that it represents, we share common values. This long history with the horse, my best friend, continues to exist within the company. And although performance is obviously very important in sport, I am even more attached to the well-being and the comfort of my horses. This is why I am delighted to able to count on the support of Hermès’ teams. When I ride with the Hermès saddle it is barely noticeable, but it allows me to stay connected and be attentive to my horses. I will do my utmost to be on a par with the quality and the high standards of the company and I am very happy to be a part of this new venture.”

Steve Guerdat. Photo by Jessica Rodrigues

Steve Guerdat: a rider with an amazing list of wins

Steve Guerdat, the son of Philippe Guerdat, the renowned show jumper and trainer, was born on 10 June 1982 and began riding when he was 9. He quickly became a member of the Swiss junior team. Accompanied by his father, who retired to devote himself to his son’s career, he won the team bronze medal at the 1997 European Junior Championships and was crowned Swiss junior national champion the following year. He was placed in and won many CSI classes. He competed at the most major championships between 2003 and 2005, including the 2004 Athens Olympics (he was a member of the 5th placed team) and in August 2005, he became the youngest rider in the World Top 20, going into 12th place. He took part in his first Top 10 Final at the end of 2008. In autumn 2012, after winning his individual gold medal at the London Olympics with Nino des Buissonnets, he went into the number one spot in the World rankings which he held subsequently on many occasions. Steve Guerdat continued to add more victories to his prestigious list of wins, such as the FEI World Cup Final in 2015 in Las Vegas, and in Gothenburg in 2016 and in 2019.

Photo by Jessica Rodrigues

Hermès: the essence of the horse

Thierry Hermès, the founder of the company, spoke of the horse as the customer to be satisfied first and foremost. The house of Hermès has managed to maintain this approach, while adapting to changing times. Even today, the foundations of its craftsmanship are clear in each of its creations: function controls form, unhindered and revealing natural beauty. From the reliability of the first harnesses made for horse-drawn carriages through to the technicality of new saddle models, the horse remains a demanding customer. It guides creative minds and the movements of the artisan saddlers, keen to meet the expectations of both rider and horse.

Riders are thus supported on a daily basis by Hermès’ saddle experts and artisans, both at their stables and at the world’s most prestigious showgrounds. It is through this constant technical support that Hermès’ saddles are constantly evolving to meet the demands of high-level sport, accompanying some of the greatest riders in the world towards victory. In show jumping, France’s Simon Delestre, one of the best riders in the world, rides with the Hermès Cavale II and the Hermès Vivace saddles. In eventing, France’s Astier Nicolas won the team gold medal and individual silver medal at the 2016 Rio Olympics with a Hermès saddle. In dressage, Germany’s Jessica von Bredow-Werndl, World number 3, has been accompanied by the Hermès Arpège saddle throughout her superb career. As for Steve Guerdat, he has chosen the Hermès Cavale II saddle.

Hermès would like to congratulate its partner riders and is proud to support them in this Olympic year.