The Core Differences Between Horse Racing Bets and Online Gambling


For years people have been struggling with the question of which is better – horse races or casino games? While there are those who simply prefer the sight of majestic animals running towards victory, there are those for whom the thrill of a roulette spinning is incomparable to any other game on GamblingGuy.

Once upon a time, any gamer or gambler would have to visit a land-based betting or gambling location in order to enjoy their favorite activity. Nowadays, with more online casinos than one can possibly imagine, both gamblers and bettors can continue admiring their beloved pastime from the comfort of their home. And why is this important? Well, online gambling and betting have made it possible for the discussion of which activity is the superior one, to continue even inside the virtual world.

In order for us to dig any deeper into this debate, we must first understand what are the main differences between horse betting and playing casino games. Let’s see what those are.

Horse Racing Bets Relay on Knowledge

Horse racing is one of the oldest and most popular forms of sports betting. Both casino games and sports bets, including horse racing, are a form of gambling. However, there are some crucial differences.

When placing a bet on a horse race, the punter actually makes a prediction based on his knowledge about the horse, the jockey, the racetrack, and the trainer. The bet can take place at a sportsbook or at an online sports betting site. Bettors can place a bet by depositing money to an online sportsbook or by doing it in person.

The main reason why people who enjoy horse racing think this is the best way to gamble is because most of this activity depends on their knowledge about this sport and the participants. What the punters are actually betting on is their own skills and understanding of horse racing. Predicting the outcome of a race is certainly not as random as playing roulette, since one must take into consideration many different factors like odds, how well the horse performed in the past, how good the jockey and the trainer are, etc. However, if knowledge about horses and jockeys were enough for every punter to be successful every time, then we’d all be millionaires. But there are also factors like tiredness, poor condition, or superior stamina with another horse that you weren’t aware of, that can impact the final outcome of the race.

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Casino Games Depend on Probability

Even though both sports racing and casino games are a form of gambling, a number of people think about games like poker and slots when they hear the word “gamble”. The main characteristic of casino games is that they rely much more on chance than on skill. However, some games like poker and Blackjack also rely on players’ skills and ability to think fast. The allure of every casino game lies in the fact that one could beat the chances and win a handsome prize. This is why gamblers are always on the lookout for new free spins no deposit uk offers, that might help them achieve this goal. People who prefer casino games are also discovering new ways to increase their chances of winning by choosing the most reputable casinos, taking advantage of free spins, and paying attention to the RTP percentage of each game. But, in the end, it all greatly depends on the “luck” factor. And those who find it thrilling to completely give up control and let fate decide will always choose casino games over horse racing.

And the casino industry is also making sure that both parties are getting what they need and want. For years, both online and land-based casinos have been putting tremendous efforts to increase the numbers of new gamblers and bettors by investing in generous promotion offers and different sports events.


There will always be those who prefer the sight of a racehorse to spinning the wheel, and those who would much rather roll the dice than watch people riding horses. Ultimately, it all comes down to preferences. And as the saying goes, “De gustibus non est disputandum”, so we shall conclude that both gamblers and bettors are right. Their favorite pastime will remain superior for them, no matter what anyone else has to say about it.


Leslie Alexander is an iGaming enthusiast and a writer of the latest news from the online gambling and sports betting world. She’s also the Content Lead at Gamblizard website and an SEO expert. Whenever she has some spare time on her hands, Leslie likes to play a game of poker with her friends or listen to podcasts.

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