Bates Saddles Become an Official Partner of British Eventing

Sarah Bullimore competes at Burghley Horse Trials 2019 in the Bates Victrix. Photo Courtesy of Bates Saddles/by Libby Law Photography

Bates Saddles have affirmed their commitment to the British eventing community through this prestigious partnership with the peak body in England.

“We are thrilled to welcome Bates Saddles on board as an Official Partner of BE. Bates Saddles are long-standing supporters of eventing and this new partnership highlights their commitment to the sport,” says Olivia Szajna, Head of Marketing, Communications and Commercial at British Eventing.

Bates saddles have been the choice of equestrians throughout England for many years, with their success lying in identifying the changing needs of horses and riders and creating saddles that address this.

A brand that celebrates collaborative networks between veterinarians, saddle fitters and equine professionals is no stranger to working with expert bodies to better their products world-over, and British Eventing will be no exception. As a partner, Bates Saddles will access insights from British Eventing experts to assist in evaluating their saddles, ensuring riders ongoing confidence in the competitive advantage Bates saddles offer in competition.

“Bates Saddles have created quality products since 1934, with a wealth of research and innovation behind their designs with a focus on horse and rider comfort. We are looking forward to connecting Bates Saddles to our members through educational content and sharing some of this key research, to help them maximise their eventing performance.” says Olivia Szajna, Head of Marketing, Communications and Commercial at British Eventing.

Sarah Olivier (nee Stretton) has her horse assessed by Dr Gail Williams, resulting in a long-standing partnership with Bates Saddles, borne from the benefits to her then key horse’s (Skip On/Bob) back throughout his performance training and competition.

“Bates Saddles has long supported eventing worldwide in our pursuit to deliver saddles of unparalleled performance. We are thrilled at the opportunity to engage more deeply with the British eventing community at every level. British Eventing’s passion for the welfare of our horses is one we share, having pioneered saddle technologies aimed to ensure their comfort, allowing every horse and rider to perform at their best.” says Bates Saddles Managing Director, Ron Bates.

Bates Saddles will be:
• offering specialist saddle advice through educational videos and webinars
• providing educational content to members on unlocking the full potential of a saddle
• supporting British Eventing with product and educational content to maximise horse and rider comfort and performance

“We are honoured by the trust that British Eventing have put in our legacy of saddle innovation and the expertise of our team. We look forward to sharing strengths and expertise that will benefit the British Eventing community now and into the future,” says Bates Saddles Managing Director, Ron Bates.

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