Who Jumped it Best? Performance Hunter 3’6″ at WEF 5

Some of the hunter discipline’s very best were out in full force at WEF 5 in preparation for World Championship Hunter Rider (WCHR) week in Wellington.

As hunters get ready to take center stage, with all eyes on securing entry into the WCHR Hunter Spectacular, get your judging hats on and tell us who jumped it best in the $600 Performance Hunter 3’6″!

The nominees are:

  • Peter Pletcher and River
  • Michael Britt-Leon and True Enough
  • Liza Towell-Boyd and Bastille
  • Michael Britt-Leon and James Bond van’t Roosakker
  • Katherine Newman and Didgereedoo VDL
  • Tim Goguen and Fabulous
  • Geoffrey Hesslink and Snippet