Do You Have Show Ring Superstitions?

Photo © Andrew Ryback Photography

We asked the plaid horse Adult Amateur Lounge on Facebook (come join us!) and got some fascinating replies …

 “I’ve found that if, during the show as I’m walking around, I give a random compliment to at least 4 strangers … I have fantastic rides and usually win my class. It’s weird. It works. I get some really confused & startled looks sometimes from those I compli-ment. But somehow it boosts my confidence and I dont know why … but I’m running with it.” —Brandy Glase

“I have a leather bracelet with my horse’s name on it (like the little kids wear) that makes me feel ‘luckier’, with no basis in fact!” —Patricia Willis Madonia

 “Every single time I enter the ring, my trainer says ‘have fun,’ and I respond ‘I always do.’ I’m now at the point where I pause when I walk in if I haven’t heard her say it—I can’t do my course without that send off!”  —Olivia Pechstein

 “I always put my left boot on first, and I have a couple lucky charms I carry around.” —Kendall Meijer

 “I’m not superstitious, although I like having my routines. I find superstition to be counterproductive as it takes focus away from the task at hand.” —Stephanie Danhakl

 “I have four pairs of show breeches. All literally identical. Same color/brand/size. But if I have a great day in the ring, I will go home and wash the pair I wore that day just so I can use them the next morning rather than just waiting to do all the show laundry on Sunday night.” —Alison Kratish

 “I don’t think I’m superstitious per se, but some clothing combos definitely have better juju than others.” —Cayla Damick

 “I have a ritual before I walk in the show ring—and I’m also VERY superstitious—Before I walk in the ring, I tug on my gloves and say ‘dad is right there’ under my breath to myself. Side note, my dad passed away in 2009, and was the ULTIMATE horse show dad! Anyone who met him remembers him literally tailgating at all shows… grill, golf cart with speakers blasting Michael Bublé and all.” —Sandra Crabtree

 “Nope, no superstitions. Just be well rested, well prepared, well fed, and grateful.”  —Carol Nelson

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