What Are Those Horse Masks in the Jumper Ring?

Photo © ESI

The jumper ring is often one of innovation. More than just blinged out bonnets and colorful jackets, it’s a place to see some of the latest tack in our sport. 

Lately, you may have noticed a new piece of tack that often brings up a lot of questions. The horse masks might look like something out of Zorro, but this equipment actually helps calm horses. Kimbreley Hill, Centurion Farm LLC barn manager and trainer, explains how the mask—formally known as the Fenwick Liquid Titanium mask works for her horse: 

Bright Star Z (Breitling LS x Contender) is an amazingly talented young Grand Prix horse, who seemingly internalizes everything that he sees, feels and maybe even smells! He loves to perform but can often get ‘stage fright’ and become a bit unfocused in the ring.”

“While working to tweak his diet to allow him to feel his absolute best when his anxiousness would take over, I started to research other options from shadow rolls, racing blinders, tinted goggles, therapeutic poll covers and lastly the Liquid Titanium Therapeutic Horse Mask by Fenwick. Well, holy Batman! Adding this mask after finding the right gastric support supplement really was the icing on the cake to bringing Bright Star Z’s performance up.” 

Photo © ESI

“He is more focused and relaxed while wearing this mask and even after. It’s great for trailering and I often use it when out for morning hacks at the shows. When we added wearing the mask for a couple hours during his morning routine of using the BEMER blanket and going out for a graze I found I didn’t need to wear it in the ring!” 

So though the jumper mask might look fierce, it’s actually a therapeutic calming aid for horses. Products like these show that there is no limit to the progression of equestrian equipment when it comes to innovation and education to better our horses.