Let Springtime Supplements Help Keep the Bugs Off!

There are many perks to spring. The weather warms up, the fields start to turn green and foals appear in pastures. One of the few downsides, however, are the bugs that return to harass you, your horses and your canine best friends.

Fortunately, Springtime Supplements produces several products that are a great alternative to harsh chemical products. That way, you can enjoy the beauty and promise of the season!

Stop the Scratching

With insecticide resistance on the rise, many dog owners are looking for safer alternatives to chemical flea and tick preventative. Garlic, which has been used for centuries as an insect repellent and is one of the world’s most powerful antioxidants, has been found to be a safe and effective natural option. 

Springtime’s Bug Off Garlic Granules and Bug Off Garlic Chewables have protected dogs from fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, gnats, flies and other biting insects for more than 22 years. The air-dried granules provide 24-hour protection. For dogs that prefer a chewable form, the liver-flavored chewable tablet also shields dogs for 24 hours and is convenient and easy to give.

End the Stomping

Much like dog owners, riders have been telling insects to “bug off” with Bug Off Garlic for horses for more than 22 years. This product provides 24-hour protection from flies, ticks, mosquitoes, gnats, no-see-ums and more.

The air-dried granules are a safe, natural alternative to chemical products without the hassle of spray-on products. Bug Off Garlic also acts as a prebiotic by promoting friendly bacteria in the digestive tract and is a great source of dietary sulfur, including MSM.

Cease the Swatting

You, too, can benefit from daily supplementation with garlic. Springtime Supplements’ Garlic Capsules are a natural way for people to support their own immune health while also deterring biting insects.

When taken daily, these capsules promote friendly bacteria in the digestive tract, provide cardiovascular health support and help maintain healthy cholesterol*. They are 100% garlic — complete with all its odor — so it is best to take them with a meal to avoid garlic breath!

For more information on each of these products, visit springtime.com. Or, you can call 800-521-3212 to speak with a representative at Springtime or place an order over the phone.

*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.