15 Carpet Cleaning Hacks That Can Save Your Carpet


Cleaning carpets can be a hassle, especially if you have pets or kids around. You can clean the carpet once, but it keeps on getting dirty again. There are some cleaning hacks that you can use to keep your carpets clean throughout the years. These tricks will not only keep the carpets tidy but also increase the life of the carpets.

1.      Use Club Soda

Club soda is an easily available natural substance that can work miraculously for cleaning all types of surfaces. It is good to keep some club soda around because it can be great for removing hard stains of coffee, tea, wine, and many other substances. Along with removing stains, club soda is particularly good at rejuvenating the color of the carpet.

2.      Soak Spills Quickly

Even if you are careful around carpets, you are going to spill something on the carpet. You need to be prepared to quickly clean the spill and not let it sit for an extended period. If you notice a spill out of the blue, even then, you need to act fast to get on it right away. The longer the stain sits, the harder it will get to clean.

3.      Avoid Rubbing The Stain

When they see a stain on their carpet, the first instinct of most people is to try to rub the stains quickly. It is recommended to get to work quickly but do not rub the carpet but gently blot it. Carefully try to soak up the spill with a cloth or sponge because rubbing the stain will only spread it.

4.      Use Iron For Cleaning

You can mix vinegar with water to create a strong cleaning solution. Apply this solution to the stain after soaking all liquid to dampen the leftover stain. Place a layer of tissues or a towel on the damp stain. Heat an iron and place it on the towel to transfer the stain from the carpet to the towel.

5.      Get Professional Help

If you feel like not doing the work and there are multiple spills on the carpet, you can get professional help. Professional carpet cleaning service will ensure the removal of stains and reinvigorating the texture of the carpet. A professional cleaning will remove regular dirt, making the carpet feel softer after the wash.

6.      Purchase A Lint Roller

Even the strongest vacuum cleaners will leave some crumbs in the carpet if you have a long hair carpet. The solution is simple; a lint roller can help you collect all the stubborn particles on the carpet.

7.      Hydrogen Peroxide

One of the best, easily available cleaners is hydrogen peroxide, mixed with vinegar, dish soap, fiber softener, and hot water to create the best water-based solution for cleaning.

8.      Use Squeegee For Pet Hair

Pet hair can be difficult to remove, but that does not mean that it is impossible to remove. Squeegee is intended to be used for windows, but it can be used to remove pet hair effectively.

9.      Use Nail Polish Remover

Alcohol is a strong substance, which can damage the dye of the carpet. Nail polish removers and other clear alcohol substances are not strong enough to damage the dye and can be used in case of a spill.

10. Use Shaving Cream

Light color carpets can easily develop spots that have accumulated dust over time. There can also be skid marks on the carpet; these can be easily removed with the application of shaving cream.

11. Vinegar

This hack will restore the original soft texture of the carpet. Mix vinegar with water in equal proportions and spray it on the carpet. Take a spoon and run it sideways on the sprayed areas to restore the texture.

12. Ice cubes

Placing heavy furniture on the carpet can leave dents that are hard to remove. Place an ice cube on the dent and let it sit for a while to melt. After the ice has melted, blot the area with a towel to remove the water and fluff the areas with your hand after they are dry.

13. Purchase Shoe Caps

If there will be high traffic on the carpets, it is a good idea to purchase shoe caps. Shoe caps will prevent the carpet from getting stains which is also important with cleaning.

14. Ice cube for gum

Gum is one of the most frustrating items to remove from the carpet as it stretches because it is soft. To harden the gum, keep an ice cube on it and then easily remove the gum.

15. Create an emergency kit

You should create an emergency kit for cleaning carpets, including all the necessary materials such as baking soda and vinegar to keep the carpets clean.

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