6 Best White Dog Breeds to Introduce to Your Horse

Most horse lovers and owners are lovers of other animals like dogs too. If you’re in that category and wondering which white dog breed would be comfortable around your horse, we’ll show you in this guide the breeds you can trust.

While some breeds are more comfortable around horses, the breeds don’t matter much. The temperament of the dog is paramount. An aggressive dog would do more damage than good around a horse.

Dogs and horses have had a long-standing relationship as they have hunted together, lived in the same barn, and gone on trail trips together.

Here are some white dog breeds that have been found to interact well with horses:

  1. Samoyed

This all-white dog breed originated from Siberia and is known for its alert look, white furs, and hunting prowess which in fact makes it a great companion for horses when going hunting. It is a medium to large size dog breed and can hold its own around horses.

The dog can grow up to 24 inches tall and weigh up to 64 pounds. It is not overly aggressive and is comfortable around humans.

  1. West Highland White Terrier   

This dog breed is a non-aggressive companion breed, comfortable around humans and horses. It is an excellent vermin hunter, intelligent and playful character to have around kids.

The West Highland white terrier is a small breed with an average height of 10 inches and weighing 16 pounds on average. Its thick white furs make it a beautiful dog to have but may require regular visits to the groomer to keep its furs in check.

  1. American Eskimo

Originally farm dogs, comfortable around kids and horses and are generally less aggressive. Their highly intelligent nature makes them a great companion for you and your horses.

American Eskimo is usually a small breed coming in toy sizes, miniature and standard sizes. With a standard-sized dog weighing up to 35 pounds and growing up to 19 inches tall.

  1. The Great Pyrenees

This is the largest white dog breed weighing about 100 pounds. You may be forgiven if you thought this breed would be aggressive considering its size.

The extremely patient dog has even been nicknamed the gentle giant due to its calm nature. They are excellent companions and herd guardians. They will make excellent companions for your horse as they are comfortable around animals.

Its coat also resists dirt so it doesn’t need constant bathing.

  1. Komondor

With thick white fur cords from the top down and even covering parts of its face, the komondor dog breed is a unique dog known for its herd guarding ability and relationship with horses.

They are medium to large-sized dogs and can weigh up to 100 pounds. The challenge with this dog type is keeping it clean as its fur cords make it impossible to brush it.

  1. Kuvasz

Popularly known as a livestock guardian, this large Hungarian breed has a thick coat that protects it against the weather.

They make excellent horse companions as they are playful and not aggressive. The males are slightly bigger than the females.

Tips to Introduce Your Dog to Your Horse

While some dog breeds are naturally horse-friendly, their compatibility is not set in stone and can vary from dog to dog due to their temperament.

Here are some tips to introduce your dog to your horse:

  • Do the Introduction When the Dog is Young

It is important to introduce your dog to your horse as early as possible when the dog is still young. Dogs are more accommodating and less aggressive when they’re still young. Introducing them when the dog is young would make it easier and allow the dog to familiarize itself with its new friend quicker.

This might not be possible all the time as you may have adopted a fully grown dog. When this is the case, you should ask about the dog’s history to ensure it is comfortable around other animals.

  • Be Patient

You don’t want to rush the introduction and spook either one of them. Slowly introduce them by keeping them far away from each other at first so they can get acquainted with the other in the surrounding before bringing them close.

  • Teach Your Dog about Respect

Your dog should learn to respect the space of the horse and stay away from its blind spots. Horses cannot see what is directly behind and in front of them especially when it’s below their eye line.

When your dogs stay in these zones, they can easily be kicked or trampled upon.


Dogs and horses can coexist peacefully in your barn if the dog is comfortable around horses and these tips are practiced.

These white dog breeds can become best friends with your horse in a short time.

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