Why You Might Consider Buying Wholesale Hemp Flower


One basic fact of economics is this: Goods are cheaper when bought in bulk. The supplier of the goods is taking a slight loss in profit for the chance to offload a lot of merchandise at once. For instance, buying Hemp flowers will be cheaper when buying by ounces (as opposed to buying on a per-gram basis). If this sounds appealing to you, there is probably a reason. After all, the average person has no reason to purchase huge amounts of Cannabis. Still, there are many exceptions. Here is why you might be one of them.

If You Are Running A Business

If you are running a Hemp-related business, this is really the only way to go. Buying things in small quantities would leave you very little room to make a profit. Besides, a business must maintain a reliable supply. Due to the logistics that can sometimes be involved in shipping Hemp, it would never be practical to buy in small amounts. Besides, such a foolish method would greatly increase your shipping costs.

It is, of course, important to remember your position. As a reseller, you are in a position to possibly negotiate an even better price with a Hemp supplier. It’s always a good idea to contact them and try to work out some kind of arrangement. In most cases, you will not be able to get a wholesale price without contacting the company anyway. The exceptions would be sites and vendors that advertise themselves as wholesalers for all. These should be regarded with suspicion. Sometimes, they are offering nothing more than slight discounts. Again, that leaves little room for profit.

To be fair, many of these Hemp wholesalers are legitimate. It’s just that they aren’t likely to give you as good a deal. Dealing with the source company directly is usually a better option. Think about it this way: Let’s say you can get an ounce of Hemp from an online mass-wholesaler for $100. You know you can re-sell that ounce for about $150. That’s not bad, but you can probably get that cost cut down by dealing directly with the source. That brings us to another important principle of business: Always cut out the middle-man when possible.

Maybe You Just Smoke A Lot

If your friends refer to you as “Sir Smokes-A-Lot,” you should probably buy your Hemp in larger quantities. Every Hemp smoker has their chosen level of consumption and we don’t want to judge anyone. Hemp certainly has little (if any) potential for overdose. If you have smoked too much, you will probably get a headache and stop. That’s about as bad as it gets. You might also get ravenously hungry when the headache goes away. Again, not really a significant risk.

We should be clear: We are not advising anyone to smoke like a freight train. That much smoke isn’t very good for your lungs (if nothing else). Still, those who really enjoy their Hemp should never buy it by the gram. The only exception might be a case in which you might want to test a strain that you’ve never tried before.

For some medicinal users, heavy consumption may not be a choice. For instance, if you are one of those who use Hemp to treat chronic seizures, heavy use is your best option. Any side effects that could result from heavy Hemp consumption are bound to be a lot less harmful than the seizures themselves.

Stocking Up Is Convenient

 Let’s assume that you are the average Hemp smoker. You probably don’t smoke more than 1-2 times per day, or possibly less. Some of those who keep it around for medical purposes will find that they don’t need it on a daily basis. Some others may hang onto a small bag for months before it is finally used. Regardless of your usage, there is something to be said for the convenience of stocking up for the long haul.

Chances are, you have to buy your Hemp online from websites like mrhempflower.com and have it shipped. Instead of spending all that money on postage costs, you can get one big shipment at one time. This also means that you don’t have to worry about running out for a while. As long as you have the discipline to control your consumption, stocking up is more economical. This is true in terms of both cost and effort.

If You Are Making A Group Purchase

As we keep emphasizing, bulk purchases are always cheaper. But, what if you don’t have the money to do things that way? After all, most of us don’t have large amounts of cash to sink into Hemp flowers. If that is your situation, you can always get together with some trusted friends and make a group purchase. This will allow everyone to get the same low price that a wholesaler might get…but without needing to spend a lot of money. Needless to say, this can only be done with a group of people that you know and trust.


Wholesale Hemp flower may not be the ideal choice for every person, but it really does offer some significant advantages. In the end, it is simply a more cost-effective way to acquire Hemp flowers. As long as you can afford to invest enough money to do so, buying wholesale Hemp is pretty much the only realistic way to make a profit. Whether you are trying to join the plethora of Hemp-related companies out there or just enjoy your favorite herb at a lower cost, we hope our information has been helpful.

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