EQL: More Hoofprints, Less Footprints

EQL is casual horse-inspired style that’s easy on the environment.

Kerrits’ customers are devoted to the riding attire brand for its fit, function, innovation, value, and technical fabrics. Now, after 30 years of creating performance in-saddle attire, Kerrits has introduced the same great qualities in a line designed for life out of the saddle. 

Kerrits CEO Melissa Hubbard summed it up: “We wanted to create timeless styles … and to use responsible fabrics to be more earth friendly. And we wanted to give back to our passion, the thing that unites us all: horses.” 

Inspired by the idea of incorporating equestrian style into everyday life, EQL employs artistic horse prints and details such as snaffle bit patterns throughout their casual wear. These fun, stylish, and comfortable clothes are designed for when you’re not in the saddle. 

More hoofprints, less footprint. 

Featuring breathable, flexible, and beautiful fabrics that are responsibly sourced, EQL goes beyond Kerrits’ in-saddle line of tights, breeches, shirts, and jackets. Equally versatile for work or play, each piece is designed to mix and match with the remainder of the collection. EQL’s brand mission is “to thoughtfully design and responsibly create clothes that let women unbridle their personal style … and their power to help horses.” 

Helping horses equates to 1% of the brand’s proceeds being donated to support equine causes. Currently they go to Sound Equine Options, a horse rescue based in Oregon. An upcoming recipient will be Detroit Horsepower, a non-profit that brings horseback riding lessons to underserved communities in Detroit. 

Using recycled polyester or organic cotton and following BlueSign practices (which examine manufacturing processes from raw materials and energy inputs to water and air emissions outputs) allows EQL to place fewer footprints on mother earth. 

*This story was originally published in the March 2021 issue of The Plaid Horse. Click here to read it now and subscribe for issues delivered straight to your door!