Stay cool with Kerrits

The Affinity™ Show Collection, complete with a long-sleeved Show Shirt, both knee patch and full-seat breeches, and the feature-filled Aero Show Coat, keeps you cool in the saddle no matter how the summer heats up. Both the four-way stretch breeches and the shirt lower your temperature five degrees thanks to exclusive Ice Fil® technology that quickly converts sweat into cooling energy. The beautifully tailored Aero Show Coat features an open weave that allows superb air flow for maximum cooling, a zipper under the buttons so the jacket lies flat, and eyelets so the string for the number can run inside the jacket rather than tie around the outside. To top it all off this versatile, machine washable coat that can go from the dressage arena to a hunter class to a jump off is only $199! The Aero Show Coat is available in black, flint and navy; breeches come in sand, white, and black.

Beat the heat with Kerrits’ cool new line of show and schooling attire

A little history here. Back in the dark ages, show attire consisted of heavy, lined wool jackets, pure cotton breeches and ratcatchers. Cotton’s lack of ability to absorb moisture meant riders ended their show day in sweaty, sticky clothes. (I know, not a pretty picture. But, the truth.) 

There were no technical fabrics, no cotton blends. Any rider from just a few short decades ago can remember literally peeling their breeches off after a show. 

Enter Kerri Kent. Three decades ago Kerri, an avid rider and windsurfer, founded Kerrits Performance Equestrian Apparel. Her experience with other outdoor sports familiarized her with technical fabrics, materials, and styles which she used to develop the innovative in-saddle line for riders. Kerrits’ core foundation is clothes that are comfortable in the saddle, fit well, and move with the rider rather than restricting. In developing the line, Kerri helped revolutionize the sport, and made life in the saddle forever better. 

Kerrits is dedicated to creating inclusive products that are available to every rider regardless of size. All products are tested in the saddle by their employees, so each size from extra small to 2X is sure to fit many body types perfectly. This perfect fit, along with the stretchy exterior fabric, generally lined by a super soft interior, provides the ultimate in comfort. 

Kerrits first offering for riders was Performance Tights. At the time, no one else made riding tights. But that was only the beginning. Over the past four seasons Kerrits has added some “can’t live without” products that advance the goal of always keeping you comfortable and confident in the saddle. 

The paddock boots you’ve dreamed of are no longer a dream. Kerrits just made them reality! Featuring the Cascadia Waterproof Paddock Boot, the Element Insulated Paddock Boot, and the Woodstock Waterproof Barn Boot, the line is designed to combine stunning style with all-day comfort, functionality, and durability in and out of the saddle. Each features seam-sealed all leather, waterproof uppers and the K-Stride™ midsole which reduces fatigue while providing advanced stability. In addition all boots have the SpurSync™ molded heel which not only safely seats your spurs, but provides protection against scuffing.

*This story was originally published in the March 2021 issue of The Plaid Horse. Click here to read it now and subscribe for issues delivered straight to your door!