Give RAO the Old Heave-Ho!

Does your horse often cough at the beginning of your ride? Does he or she also have some nasal discharge and labored breathing? Your horse could be suffering from Recurrent Airway Obstruction (RAO), or heaves, a disease that affects a horse’s lungs, making it difficult for the horse to breathe when exposed to allergens.

Horse heaves is chronic and can’t be cured, but catching it early can make it more manageable and possibly mitigate damage to the horse’s lungs. If your horse was diagnosed with heaves and you are looking for a product that can help them breathe easier, let Springtime Supplements assist!

Breather Powder

Tienchi, a rare herb that is known to support the circulatory and respiratory systems, is the foundation for Breather Powder, a supplement that helps support normal capillary wall strength, which helps promote normal circulation, swelling and oxygenation. Long-term use of tienchi appears to help support heart/lung capacity and function, which are essential for combating horse cough.

Breather Powder supports normal function and integrity of the lungs, maintains healthy oxygenation and endurance, and supports athletic performance. Horses that use Breather Powder tend to breath better, thereby performing better.

DMG 5,600

Natural DMG 5,600, or N,N-dimethylglycine HCl, is a cost-effective supplement that supports normal lactic acid buildup and normal recovery after physical exertion. It can help support a horse’s oxygen utilization, and it is recommended for supporting normal respiratory health and pulmonary function. DMG 5,600 has been shown to support endurance, stamina, performance and recovery in horses.


Effective for seasonal support, Spirulina encourages a healthy immune system and normal detoxification process. This blue-green microalgae seems deceptively simple, but it contains complex and powerful live enzymes, helping to maintain a normal, healthy allergy response. It may help with seasonal allergies.

Bee Pollen

Pollen grains are a natural source of vitamins for horses, and Bee Pollen for horses, an equine bee pollen supplement, can help sustain a healthy springtime bloom all year long by providing live enzymes, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Bee Pollen for horses supports breeding, digestion, muscle, hooves and skin, even during a lack of grazing.

Bee Pollen is recommended for maintaining skin health and normal histamine levels, which provides support for seasonal allergies.


The immune system is an important part of maintaining a healthy allergic response, and Springtime’s C-Complex for horses provides a full spectrum of accessory nutrients to support a healthy immune system. C-Complex is a powerful vitamin-C formula enhanced with bioflavonoids and bee pollen, supporting a normal inflammatory response post-workout.

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