The Fight for Wild and Endangered Mustangs

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Mustangs are a beautiful and vital component of American history and should be protected at all costs. For many years, these majestic animals have represented freedom and wild spirit throughout the country. They have roamed the 10 Western states of Nevada, Wyoming, Utah, Oregon, California, Idaho, Arizona, Montana, North Dakota and New Mexico for years. Many Americans got so used to these animals being a part of the American landscape that not many took the time to consider the possible endangerment that they could face as a species.

The United States began preserving wild horses in the late 1960s and early ‘70s. A specific law needed to be created for wild horses because the Mustang isn’t covered by the Endangered Species Act, as they’re not considered native to the Americas. In 1971, a federal law was created that banned capturing, harming or killing free-roaming horses or Burros on public land. The Bureau of Land Management then took the responsibility of caring for and managing wild horse herds that were residing on federal land. This organization is now struggling with managing these horses because they are spending large amounts of money storing horses and don’t have enough funds leftover to allocate finding better ways to manage these animals. 

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Jessica Jordaan saw the need and struggle within this community and wanted to do whatever she could to make a difference. Her passion for horses started at a young age as she grew up in Wyoming and became a skilled equestrian with years of experience riding and tending to horses. She then channeled her passion for wild horses by starting her own non-profit organization for wild and endangered Mustangs. Her organization, WARHORSEUSA, is dedicated to raising awareness about America’s wild and domesticated Mustangs. In the 1800s millions of Mustangs ran free throughout America. Today, 48,000 wild horses reside in holding facilities across the United States. The rest of the around 82,000 wild horses in the U.S. reside on private ranches, in wildlife refuges, on Native American reservations, on federal land and in sanctuaries. 

WARHORSEUSA works to make a difference in this community by providing resources such as herd documentation, fertility control, special range projects and promotion of the land and wild horses. Off the range, WARHORSEUSA uses funding to provide training, adoption and education about Mustangs and Burros while offering sanctuary for those in need. The most important way to make a change is by spreading awareness. Not many people in the U.S. are aware of the challenges wild Mustangs face daily in the United States. As awareness is raised, more people have dedicated their time and money to the cause. 

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Jessica is now taking her passion for endangered wild horses outside of just the United States. She has begun working on “The Last Foal”, a documentary filmed in Namibia, Africa to highlight the struggles that wild horses are facing in this area. International photographer Guadalupe Luiz (CNN Feature) has taken on the challenge of documenting the strife of the remaining wild horses in the Namib Desert. Currently these animals are threatened by drought and predators such as hyenas. The importance for survival and continuation of the species in the area is now based on the last foals being born. This project is just another way that Jessica Jordaan and WARHORSEUSA are taking on the challenge of spreading awareness around this endangered species. The documentary is currently in the process of being filmed.

“It is deeply moving to watch the remaining wild horses of the Namibia Desert and see the dangers they experience every day. We as a people must come together to protect these animals who bring so much beauty to our world,” said Jessica Jordaan.

With the help of a wonderful photographer, this documentary will highlight the beauty of wild Mustangs and their young. Jessica Jordaan and the WARHORSEUSA organization hope to reach as many viewers as possible. Anyone who can contribute to this cause is greatly appreciated, whether it be through generous donations or volunteer work. 

Jessica continues to spend her time spreading awareness about this cause through her various social channels. She shares news and updates about WARHORSEUSA through This site is being developed and will offer the ability to donate to the organization, learn more about the cause and even view photos of the beautiful horses that the organization works with. To stay up to date on Jessica, her family life and much more, you can follow her at

Animal lovers, please take the time to share this post with friends and family as well as donate your time and/or money to the cause if possible. Wild Mustangs rely on the generosity and education of the public.