Horse Racing Betting Guidelines 

Horse racing is one of the most popular sports in the world, where gamblers spend millions every year. Thousands of books were written over the years on choosing the right horses to put your gambling money on. With that in mind, finding the horse that wins is not an easy task. You can place your bet on some of the reliable and trusted online betting websites like

Horse racing is an unpredictable game. Even the favorites have only a 30% chance of coming home first. So, if you try to bet on all the favorites all day, you will lose all your money, for sure. After all, the house always wins. 

The secret sauce to betting on horse racing is not about selecting the horses that are likely to win. It’s about choosing the horse that offers the most value. To find the value, you must do your research and know your selections. The more you investigate, the more you’ll have fun!  

If you have been losing a lot of money on picking the wrong horse, below are some guidelines that can increase your chance of winning. 

Know your horses 

Easy Last Time Out Winners 

The solid place to start is finding the last-time out winners that look like they can win again. These are the horses on form or record that can usually get two to three wins out of five races. 

Race Comments 

If you are searching online, look for horses that were noticed to “quickened” or “ran on well,” and you will find a horse in good shape. 

Good Rating Figures 

If there’s a horse that has beaten its personal best in the last race, chances are, you are going to win when you bet on it. 

Change In Class 

Some trainers are getting into higher class races using their weaker horses, hoping for a miracle. If you are checking a horse with a good recent record, check the quality of the horse’s opposition. Moreover, if a runner had moved to a lower class, it could be worth checking. 

Know your surfaces 

Different horses perform better on different surfaces. Daintier horses can run fast on dry courses. On the other hand, the horses that hit the ground hard can run faster on softer turf, where they can get a lot of sprinting power by getting a better grip into the ground. 

With that in mind, when selecting a horse, you should also check the track’s surface it will be running on. This is especially true on the deeper ground; the previous record on the surface can be crucial. So, don’t go betting on horses without knowing their preferred surface. 

Know the trainers 

Just like the horse you are placing your bet on, checking their trainers is crucial, too. Trainers have different records on various tracks. Some trainers are better at preparing horses at certain tracks, and those who have won at the previous tracks can do it again. As a general rule, you can tell the dominant trainers at a course as they are likely to put several horses in a race. 

Every good tipping guide shows a trainer’s record at a track and over the past months. The more you check the stats, the more you will see. You could see that every year, a trainer routinely chooses a certain race to display their talented runner. 

You could also check the records of poor trainers at certain tracks. This will give you an idea about who not to back. 

Know your jockey 

Jockeys offer a great deal when it comes to betting insight, helping you understand winners. Just like horses and trainers that excel in certain tracks, jockeys have favorite tracks, too. 

So, why do jockeys perform well at certain places? Some skill sets are normally suited to certain courses, and trainers are likely to match the strongest horses to the best jockeys. 

It is important to learn and understand certain trainer and jockey combinations. Sometimes, the trainers will field several horses in the race, and knowing the best jockey will tell you which horses in the race are more likely to win. 

Look for confident horses 

Always pay attention to the horses in each race to see how they react. A calm, confident horse with a shiny coat will perform better than a jittery and uneasy runner wasting its energy in the paddock.

While it is really hard to predict which horse will dominate the track in a certain race, this simple guide will help you increase your chances of winning.

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